Conspicuous compassion

One of the identifying traits of “liberals” or progressives is their conspicuous claim to ”compassion” toward certain groups that are called downtrodden or oppressed. In the Left’s cult, those classed as ‘poor’ are one of the left’s certified victims, and it helps that numbers of POCs are classed as ‘poor’, because the POCs make up the largest contingents of beneficiaries of the left’s alleged compassion.

Young white people, themselves often of middle- to upper-class origins, sometimes play the ‘conspicuous compassion’ role to the hilt, maybe because of guilt over their ‘White privilege’.

Most of us have been taught that giving to charity is a good thing, a worthy thing. But nowadays is charity money actually going to help the truly needy people, or is it being distributed according to the racial spoils system more often than not? When people want to show off their superior compassion, they are often prone give to those POCs, who are higher in the PC pecking order, rather than to those who demonstrably need it. And certain people are more likely to be fawned over and favored.

But is a poor person, whoever they may be, automatically heroic or superior to the middle-class or the upper class?

I know that egalitarian-minded Americans disavow a ‘class system’ and if they do acknowledge it, they are outraged that it exists, but the rest of us know equality is a myth in any case. As to poor people, are they necessarily victims of a heartless, greedy society, as the left frames it?

I read a quote posted online by a very left-wing young woman. It was a quote whose author I don’t recall; someone I’ve never heard of. The gist of the quote was the profession of the author to ”always take the side of the poor and needy” or of ‘those who have no money and are not allowed to enjoy what they do possess”.

Very touching. But so often these kinds of peoples who play the part of the soul of compassion and ”caring” are often people who have considerable creature-comforts and resources. Their public pose is often belied by the way they live their lives.

But back to my question as to whether the poor are always helpless victims — in some cases, yes — but are there not people whose irresponsibility and profligate habits leave them in poverty, or prevent them from escaping it?

In earlier times, those in charge of dispensing charity usually looked at the circumstances: did the person in need create his own problems by irresponsibility, recklessness, idleness, or by bad habits like excessive drinking? Those who drank or drugged themselves into poverty were classed as “the vicious poor“. That term didn’t mean that they were cruel or dangerous; ‘vicious’ then meant ‘having vices‘. Such people were not absolved of guilt in creating their own problems, or for neglecting their children and their homes in favor of enjoying their vices.

There were the ‘deserving poor‘, meaning obviously that some people were poor through no definite fault of their own. There are such people today, those whose businesses and livelihoods have been shut down or even destroyed by recent events beyond the control of most of us. Those people deserve compassion.

Still, the left, with their play-acted ‘bleeding heart’ ways, insist on their conspicuous compassion towards POCs exclusively. There have been lots of young people outside the U.S.A. asking how they can contribute (in money or in kind) towards the cause of a certain groups which has been in the news daily. Never mind that this particular organization has been funded to the tune of billions of dollars by these insane corporate donors, who apparently have far more money than they know what to do with. No; billions are not enough. More is needed, and these deluded young people in far-off countries want to pay their share of the tribute, adding it to the billions.

People should be made aware that there are poor people amongst our own, and that many of them are being forgotten in favor of the politically correct victims du jour.

One final point: a lot of Christians will say that the Bible teaches us to favor the poor always, because they are poor. And today, many would say it was doubly true that we should favor POCs. But the Bible tells us “…[T]hou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honour the person of the mighty“. Not all the poor are saintly and innocent, and not all the ‘mighty’ are villains. As it is, we are wrongly ‘respecting the persons’ of whole groups of people when we are warned not to do so.

3 thoughts on “Conspicuous compassion

  1. In my area there are some Nationalists who fall prey to this and think that any ‘white’ bum is ipso defacto, a victim of ZOG. As you say , some are deserving poor. But you can tell. Usually by their shoes.

    I’ve never loved victimocracy, but I like it less when our lesser minded brethren think to politicise it. Never a good look.


  2. “…are there not people whose irresponsibility and profligate habits leave them in poverty, or prevent them from escaping it?” That quote and the following paragraph hit the nail on the head.

    I see panhandlers in my city on my way to work almost daily. They’ve gotten more commonplace since I was a child here (and this was all pre-COVID).

    How many are truly deserving and how many are truly vicious? I tend to think the latter.


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