The uniparty’s false narratives

I still wonder why people on the right think it’s a good strategy to call the left That Word. I see that AG Barr is using that tactic now.

“And people talk about implicit racism or systemic racism,” said Barr during an Aug. 13 interview on Hannity. “The racism in this country, look no further than our public education system.”

“That’s a racist system, maintained by the Democratic Party and the teachers union,” he said, “keeping inner-city kids in failing schools, instead of putting the resources in the hands of the parents to choose the schools to send their kids to.”

It appears he is saying that the Democrats are ‘keeping black students down’ by deliberately assuring that they don’t get a good education — and saying that it’s because the Democrats discriminate against blacks. Well, that’s a hard idea to sell when so many of the Congress-persons are black or otherwise ‘of color’, particularly in areas with many black students. Do the Republicans who make these charges, like Barr and a lot of others, really think that the black representatives are discriminating against their own people? As he isn’t specific, he leaves open the possibility that black teachers also are keeping their students down. Schools with many black students are also likely to have more black teachers, because that was always an accusation made by blacks: that White teachers could not educate black students because of prejudice and because of different cultures.

It sounds just hollow to me when White politicians or other public figures make these charges of bias or racism. Even though many of the educators in these schools are not White, the general public who know no better assume that it is always White people controlling schools, and Whites who are guilty of keeping black students back or keeping them ‘down.’

I don’t believe that the Educational unions, bad as they are (because so left-wing) are intent on preventing black students from succeeding. I think that Barr and others who make similar charges for political points (with whom?) are being disingenuous or shall I say dishonest.

If people self-censor in discounting innate differences in academic ability, they have no choice but to fall back on ‘discrimination’ to explain outcomes.

I don’t see any evidence that funding for sending students to an expensive private school would change academic outcomes much. That’s been tried with a number of “elite”, sometimes all-black schools here and there, supposedly to enable struggling students to learn. The result? These schools have drawn their share of critics many of them black. Black activists are opposing these schools for various reasons.

…there’s some evidence they expel students at a higher rate than traditional public schools. It’s of particular concern to minority students, who—along with students with disabilities—face more expulsions in general. Similar to traditional public schools, black students are four times more likely than white students to be suspended from charters, according to analysis last year by the University of California.


People on the right who use the ‘r-word’ to denigrate political opponents are no better when it comes to that issue than the Democrats; both are being manipulative by pointing the finger at one another, and perpetuating the belief in the widespread prevalence of ‘hate’ towards certain groups. This only increases resentments and grievances, and guess who is always judged to be the offender, the cause of all the conflicts and problems?

It not only increases resentments and misunderstandings but it increases the number of times we have to hear the ‘r-word’ and listen to more media screeds on ‘hate’. Thanks, Republicans and faux-rightists, for adding more to the total.

“Right-wingers” who play this game are engaging in virtue signalling. They are trying to convince nonwhites that ‘other Whites are guilty, but not me; I’m your friend so I am warning you about those badwhites out there who don’t like you.’

They are sending signals that they are full of tender concern for people they seem to see as helpless, while simultaneously implying that they don’t care about their own folk. They’ve succeeded in convincing me that the latter part is true.

It’s virtue signalling, and should be called as such, but it seems like at least half of the Republicans are willing to stoop to this, and the other half won’t call them out on it. Maybe the offenders just don’t ‘get it’. So they hang onto this kind of cheap tactic.

One thought on “The uniparty’s false narratives

  1. See Dabney’s takedowns of General Howard (Chief of the Freedman’s Bureau) and of Dr. Rufner (head of the state board of education in Virginia). He could see all of this coming from a century and a half away. I don’t think these people are teachable though. I don’t know how many times I’ve read articles published by the “conservatives” at Heritage Foundation which make these claims that the Democrats (or, “Demonrats,” as they so often and childishly refer to them) are the real racists and real cause of the dysfunctionality in schools. It’s of course blatantly obvious to anyone who has eyes to see that the “pandemonium” we call “primary schools” is never going to produce anything better than what they produce at this very moment in time. I don’t care how much money is thrown at them, and a good case can be made that the more money thrown at them the worse they get. That these people think, or seem to think, that the schools would be better formed and better administered, and that little Tyrone and little Shaniqua would rise to the level of their white peers were the Republicans in charge of things is laughable to put it mildly. But this is “anti-racism” if that is what one should like to call it. It is its inevitable result.

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