Dishonoring Dixie

A Texas school district is being criticized (rightfully) for likening police to “slave owners” and KKK members. Whoever these people may be, they are revealing their own lack of factual knowledge, flaunting the fact that they are unfamiliar with the history of the War Between the States and especially with the program called ‘Reconstruction’ in the South. This is shocking because these ‘teachers’ and administrators live in a Southern state — – a Southern state, which was part of the Confederate States of America, and was fully a part of a Southern culture which included Texas.

When the country was torn apart by crusading abolitionists,Texas seceded from the “inviolable” union and joined the Confederacy. The history of the South involves the very touchy issue of slavery, now being used to pillory and punish the South and its heroes and leaders. This, despite the effort, apparently a successful one for a time, to put the troubled history of the War Between the States behind us. Textbooks of the early 20th century appropriately praised men such as Robert E. Lee, and reconciliation was favored, letting ‘bygones be bygones.’ But the present day, for whatever reason, focuses on slandering the South and causing that region and its people to be held up as the worst examples, as bigots and as the very lowest kind of scum; now we have the Confederacy and anyone associated with it banished (removal of Confederate officers’ names from military bases, etc.) and their reputations dragged through the mud. Anyone who owned slaves is subject to vilification: men like Jefferson, with all the lewd-minded rumormongers trying to destroy his name and reputation, or even George Washington.

The wild-eyed fanatic abolitionist/terrorist John Brown has a new generation of admirers, among the antifa types.

“The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted,”

Psalm 12:8

The vilest men are exalted these days, while good mens’ names are smeared. The schools are a big part of this practice. Young people idolize people like Che Guevara, Mandela, Rosa Luxemburg.

The educators, the vast majority of whom — even in once-conservative Texas — are leftists — obviously think traditional heroes are the ‘vilest’, while they cheer on the antifa, today’s equivalent of yesterday’s anarchists and Jacobins.

Those whose job is supposedly to educate the young minds of Texas have no inkling of the history of that state, or else they do know true history and are deliberately misinforming their students.

I don’t know which is true. I know there are now a couple of generations of ‘educators’ who teach a politically correct version of history; teachers are heavily propagandized while in college, as is everyone else, and the consensus seems to be that the ”narrative” and the wish to avoid hurting someone’s feelings is more important, by far, than teaching verifiable facts and Truth. Lying has become a virtue. The more people lie, the more politically correct they are, and PC must be served above all.

So the people in the Texas schools are teaching that police officers are on a moral level with ”slave owners’ and ‘KKK members.’ My objection to this is that they are deliberately equating “slave owners”, the latter group including many of our Founding Fathers, with “nazis” as the very worst sort of people, as a group which is utterly evil. Actually in the left’s worldview, the most egregious kind of evil is having the wrong views on anything to do with HBD or ethnic/racial differences. If someone fails to show appropriate deference toward the favored victim group, then that person is ‘vile’ (the word they prefer for such offenders) and not worthy of life.

Despite the widespread ignorance on anything to do with these issues, everybody is willing to condemn the heretics who don’t toe the line on differences between peoples.
People from the South are under scrutiny and judgement because of the North-South conflict. Leftist Northerners want to position themselves as the heroes of the melodrama, while the Southron has to ‘answer for’ what our ancestors supposedly did. In a very short time, everything to do with the South is being almost criminalized, made fair game,

Why don’t these maleducated educators just openly say that the Founding Fathers were the dregs of society; that is what they seem to believe all of a sudden in 2020. Not so very long ago the majority of Americans accepted that the Confederates were not monsters or scum; they were decent and honorable men. They certainly behaved more honorably in the course of the War than the other side, but the Union soldiers are being lionized for being pro-black and pro-abolition. Everything today must be seen only through the racial prism, and only through the eyes of blacks. In order to uphold the pro-black narrative it’s necessary to make the Confederates double-dyed villains. This is morally wrong especially after there was an official effort to ‘rehabilitate’ the CSA veterans in the past, and to bring about reconciliation and ‘closure.’ Now that’s being undone. Now it appears there is another round of punishment for the South and a revival of the overheated rhetoric about ‘traitors’ who ripped apart the hallowed Union.

The truth about those ‘societies’ which all the Respectable people learn to condemn is that they were self-defense groups, which were a means to protect the disenfranchised and beleaguered Whites in the South. The occupying Reconstruction ‘governments’ in the South included many people who were illiterate and uninformed, and people who harbored grudges and vengeful attitudes. Reconstruction, despite its name, was all about destruction, and it’s continuing these many years later.

As for the blanket condemnations of slave owners — like George Washington for example — do they have the nerve to sling mud at him because of his being involved in the ‘Peculiar Institution’? And does anybody acknowledge that slave owners were not always fiends who abused their servants? It’s best not to learn history from paperback novels or TV shows (like Roots).

And what about the people mentioned in the Bible who owned bond-servants / slaves? Soon I expect their names to be smeared and slandered because of our modern obsession with punishing “crimes” of the past.

I don’t know who is behind this apparent effort to stir up old regional and racial animosities, but in an already conflict-ridden society it’s downright immoral and reckless to do that.But it appears the powers-that-be want to instill in Southrons shame and disgust towards our Confederate ancestors, because they’ve been pronounced evil according to today’s misguided Politically Correct standards.

One thought on “Dishonoring Dixie

  1. A contributor at the Abbeville Institute wrote in an article the other day that “everyone knows that slavery is wicked.” He was complaining that the PC Nazis have determined that we can’t use terms like slaves in ‘polite society’ anymore, but instead are required to replace them with terms like “enslaved people.” This insistence on using the later terminology, he said, implies that the persons who insist upon it believe that usage of the other term (slaves) means that the people so using it do not understand the evil that slavery was and is. A point he refuted with the quotation above.

    I’m normally not “shocked” by much of anything I read these days, but that one, I must admit, was a bit shocking to me. Mainly because the Abbeville Institute is supposedly (ostensibly?) a pro-Southern group. So we have a pro-Southern scholarly group publishing articles declaring that slavery is and always has been “wicked.” With pro-Southerners like that, who needs fanatical Yankees? But as I wrote concerning the matter a couple days ago at another site, I’d love for the writer of that article to explain to me how he came to that brilliant conclusion. I’d be most interested in seeing whether he could explain it with a straight face and with a clear conscience. Sometimes I think these scholars and professional writers are too smart for their own good.

    I have, of late, been fighting this battle every time it comes up in my presence. In defense of our humane and honorable ancestors, we need to drive the point home every time we get the chance that there is a huge distinction to be made between slavery the institution, and the trans-Atlantic slave trade, which was indeed wicked, speaking of which. I’m not in the business of re-igniting sectional strife and have no desire to do so, but if Yankees insist on attacking the superior humanity and character of my ancestors, then they leave me no other choice than to set the record straight with as many people as I possibly can.

    No Southern state ever engaged in the trans-Atlantic slave trade which, as I said, truly was wicked. Holier than thou New Englanders did that, and the mother country before them. And all the while our Southern forbears were protesting against this illicit trade. Jefferson of course most famously did so in his initial draft of the Declaration, but he wasn’t the only one, not by a longshot. Meanwhile, it is implied with all this “slavery is inherently evil” talk that Southerners who had these unfortunate Africans thrust upon them against both their wills should rather have set them free on this continent to fend for themselves. It never seems to occur to these half-wits who make such loony suggestions that had our forbears done such an unthinkable and inhumane thing, we wouldn’t now be arguing about the “wickedness” of slavery and slave holders by extension, but would instead be condemning our forbears (and rightly so) for essentially genociding whole tribes of the African race on this continent.

    I have even read Southerners – real Southerners, not Northern transplants who live in the South and call themselves Southerners – condemn our forbears for bringing the troublesome Africans to this continent. One of my own brothers is a case in point. When I gave him the thirty minute version of the true history of the African slave trade and who was behind it, he was shocked that this was never taught to us in school. To which I simply replied, that’s because the public schools in the U.S. are a Yankee institution, not a Southern institution; they are a Yankee institution whose teachers and administrators are trained and indoctrinated and accredited in Yankee institutions of “higher learning.” Which brings me to my closing point.

    You might like to read Prof. Smith’s 2018 Orthosphere article, Forget the Alamo. In it, he makes the distinction between the “people of Texas,” and the “people in Texas.” The latter of which are now in the majority, he says. Which of course, and if he is right or even almost right, serves to explain, at least in large part, why Texas teachers no longer teach the true history of the WBTS, nor speak well of our Southron forbears, but instead the Yankee version. Otherwise known as a pack of lies. That’s what the Yankee is best at after all – he lies like a damn dog. And that’s why we call them all “Damn Yankees.”


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