The sincerest form of flattery

It’s been said that ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ If so, then the Republicans are doing their best to flatter their Democrat counterparts: playing the ‘we can be diverse, too’ game, and then in the second tweet, using the left’s jeering epithets (“xenophobe”) as a retort to Bette Midler’s petty tweet about Melania Trump’s alleged inability to speak English.

In my opinion there are better ways of responding to Bette Midler’s remarks than by resorting to the name-calling tactic, especially when it’s parroting the left’s disparaging names for ethnopatriots. It makes it appear that the Republicans want to discredit the natural preference for one’s own just as the Democrats do, constantly. It’s just another variation on the inept and ineffective ”the Dems are the REAL racists.’ So now we’ve got two parties competing for the prize: who’s got the most ‘diversity’, and two parties who think that ethnopatriotism is wrong, and worthy of condemnation.

And if the Republicans can’t see the wrong-headedness of this approach, well, we may as well give up.

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