Is QAnon what ‘they’ say?

Seeing that the QAnon movement is being raked over the coals as some kind of dangerous Christian cult, I feel compelled to offer some words in their defense. Though I am not a part of the group, I think I know a good bit more than the pack of critics who are suddenly coming against them.

As I’ve said I follow their doings on a regular basis. Sometimes the Q channels on streaming services have news stories that I don’t get elsewhere, and I follow the ‘chat’ to see what the average Q follower says. However I am not a member of the group, so I have a more detached perspective. I have been mildly critical of the group, but not because I see them as a ‘danger‘, as un-Christian or as ‘Gnostic’ cultists as do some of these self-righteous churchians quoted in the hysterical articles all over the news media.

The usual suspects on the left are attacking Q because they hate Christians probably more than they hate non-Christian rightists. The religious personalities, ‘preachers’ or theologians in some cases, are rushing to defame, rather than defend the QAnons. This in itself betrays an un-Christian attitude. All of us who are Christians are supposed to be brothers and sisters in Christ. If your brother or sister is in error regarding their faith, a Christian’s place is to speak gently to them so as to correct them, not to condemn them or accuse them in public or amongst nonbelievers. That’s decidedly not what a faithful and loving Christian does. And I notice that some of the accusers or those being quick to criticize their fellow Christians (most people in the QAnon movement seem to be Christian) are people who are themselves subjects of controversy, such as one minister involved in a denomination which has recently aligned itself with a certain anti-White racial group. Could such a person be trying to draw attention away from the criticism he’s receiving by pointing a finger at the Q followers?

The tone of the many articles from the usual left-wing media is excessive, alarmist, implying if not outright asserting that the QAnon movement is evil and a threat to ‘normal’ Americans. The critics often use the term ‘Gnostic’, not that most people even know what that term means, but it sounds scary to some. It is not gnostic, with a small ‘g’ or a capital ‘G’. If there is anything that is actually gnostic (or Gnostic) in today’s America, it is the New Age Movement, or whatever it currently titles itself. This piece is not the place to go into detail about definitions but to say the QAnons claim to have ‘secret’ or occult religious knowledge is just false. The only ‘secrets’ they seek out are facts evidently being concealed from the public by people in authority. As citizens of a supposed ‘free republic’ we should not have so much concealed from us, the citizenry, and we should not be called ‘gnostic’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’ for seeking to know what is going on in our own country.

Articles like the Christian Post article quote ‘preachers’ or ‘ministers’ who flat-out say that the movement is full of ”liars” and is a ”demonic.” belief system. To use the term demonic so loosely is not reflective of a discerning Christian. A Christian should not be willy-nilly labeling another group of Christians in that fashion; it can only defame fellow Christians as a group, and divide us, when we are already in disarray and beleaguered. It’s bad enough that the unbelieving left (and some of the atheist right) hate Christians but it should not cause Christians to turn on one another.

As far as I’ve observed, Q followers are most often active members of varying Christian denominations, including the usual mainstream churches. To make them out to be scary people who should thus be monitored or denounced is dishonest.

As far as the Q movement fomenting ”conspiracy theories”, especially when leftist media establishment pretends that conspiracies exist only in diseased, ignorant minds, that conpiracies just don’t exist (look up Cass Sunstein’s words on conspiracies) it’s almost laughable that now they have got themselves in a tizzy over QAnons believing in ‘non-existent’ conspiracies. The left might try being consistent, but I forgot; they are never consistent except in being dishonest and malicious.

The media and the weak-tea Christians are now heaping ridicule on QAnons for believing that there are trafficked children being held in captivity, and children being seriously and evilly harmed. The critics act as though this is ridiculous and not at all credible. It just couldn’t happen, so they imply. Well, the media are very efficient at controlling the news flow, and hiding those things that don’t fit their ‘narrative.’ There was a story a few months ago about a large international child-trafficking ring involving thousands of adults on a few continents. Nothing imaginary about it. Then there was the Dutroux story out of Belgium some years ago, involving outwardly respectable people, prominent people, wealthy people. It happens.

Those things do happen. They have happened. Ergo, they are probably happening now; why would they just stop? Why do the leftists act as though anyone who believes they exist is ‘paranoid’ or crazy?

Recently a nice respectable Christian TV personality explained why he would not report stories like those which Q apparently investigates. His excuse was that the subject was too sordid or troubling for many people — and that ”they” (whoever ‘they’ are, presumably TPTB) want us to believe wild stories of captive trafficked children to ”distract us, discredit us, and also to make us look in the other direction’ because they are hiding some ”bigger story” in the political realm. (!) I mean, what should take precedence, children in danger or our perennially corrupt political scene?

To my mind, if there are children in danger (and we have so many missing children out there) we owe it to them to find out if it’s happening, and do all we can for those children. That deserves priority. I think those who want to pretend it does not happen are living in a delusion, and that includes those Christian critics who say QAnons imagine such things.

If we fail to do anything about children possibly in danger or in need of rescue — we will have to answer to Higher Authority if we do nothing. We have a moral duty to do all we can to find out. We cannot in good conscience close our eyes and ears and minds.

The leftists who scoff at the notion of captive children are probably the same people working to legalize things, working for lowering age-of-consent. They have their ulterior motives.

It’s also noticeable that the articles on the Q movement use scare quotes around the phrase Deep State, as if to discredit the term and the idea, as if it has not been discussed frequently in the media. The whole idea seems to be to make the Q people out to be delusional and ‘paranoid’, but going even further, the articles refer to QAnon as ‘demonic’ or ‘satanic.’ This is disgusting; it’s ironic that Satansim, the real thing, is out in the open now, with actual statues in public and Satanic worship going public — and yet a group that is mostly Christian is being smeared with that label?

My main point of disagreement with the Q movement is not the members themselves, who I believe to be well-intentioned and patriotic. I do, however, think they see the world through a rosy, multicult, rainbow lens, where diversity is still our greatest strength, as the propaganda-meisters have assured us. I trace this to ‘Q’ himself, as he does emphasize that we all have to learn to live with everybody else, Tower-of-Babel style. How is this Christian? I believe Q to be a Masonic pied-piper, probably for TPTB who fear that people are slowly rejecting the One World scenario.

I think the Q followers are being naive and trusting to a fault, like most White folk are, and that they are being led up the garden path. But I disagree strongly with the mob that is attacking them in such over-the-top terms.

For more on the trafficking issue.

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