I can’t help wondering why, in the case of the young man in the post below, the young man who was shot and killed — why no arrest was made? The shooter has reportedly been identified. Oh, probably it will be said that there’s no solid proof he is the perpetrator, but there is obviously a double standard here, where Kyle Rittenhouse was immediately charged, but the suspect in the Portland shooting walks around free. How can this be? Is this still America?

This has been a pattern so far in these ‘incidents’, wherein one side gets carte blanche, it seems, and it appears they can carry out these crimes with impunity. How did we arrive at this kind of corrupt arrangement, where the laws are flouted not only by the obvious bad guys, but also by people who supposedly uphold the law or enforce justice?

I need Diogenes’ lantern, but as I recall the story, Diogenes never found the sought-for honest man.

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