Facebook removes ‘Patriot Prayer’

Reuters, in its typical biased style, refers to the ‘Patriot Prayer’ group as being ‘right-wing’. Well, that’s as may be; are they betraying bias against the right, or against Christians, or against patriots?

What a wreckage has been made of our former country, when not only the right is increasingly silenced and defamed, patriots are considered ”dangerous” and Christian groups are The Enemy.

The media have played no small part in engineering this inversion of America and of all that it once stood for. And I am speaking, again, of the American People, the majority of the decent American people who once populated this country. I am not praising a political system or a government apparatus or a piece of geography. My allegiance is to the people of this country — but to those people who are engineering the demise of this nation, I hold no loyalty, much less respect.

It’s sad that so quickly after the murder of Aaron Danielson, who was a member of the Patriot Prayer group, and a fellow Christian of course, that Facebook (why is anybody still using it ?) decided to shut down the Facebook presence on that platform, and silence them?

Taking this action so soon after Aaron’s death is something of a slight to him and his memory, though he did nothing wrong.

Facebook, what are you afraid of? Why stifle all rightist voices and increasingly, also Christian presences?

If social media is going to silence and exclude all those who don’t adhere to the official religon of Diversity and One-worldism, of what use is it?

Social media as a group are something of a monopoly, and they are not simply a harmless medium for people to ‘stay in touch’ as everyone says; they need to be broken up or they need to be neutral rather than enforcers of the Official Ideology, behaving like petulant children who want to spite those who are not part of their leftist club.

I do want to wish the Patriot Prayer group all the best, and condolences for the loss of our brother in Christ, Aaron Danielson.

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