This sounds familiar

Don’t be misled by the first paragraph or so, but does the following excerpt not describe a familiar mindset?

“Bolshevism, although a new word, stands for an old thing.
To our minds, it represents theft and confiscation, slaughter and cruelty, degradation of womanhood and perversion of children.

These disorders are but symptoms of a peculiar state of mind. The same mentality was found in the Revolt of the Mercenaries in Carthage, in the Revolt of the Roman slaves under the leadership of the Gallic Vindex. It was patent in the French Revolution of 1793. It appeared in the Indian War. It was evident in the Commune of Paris in 1871 and it cannot be ignored in the most recent outbreaks in Germany.

What brings about this social unrest and strife is not a passing misfortune, or a temporary abuse, — it is the individual inability of great numbers of people to obtain, in given conditions, the realization of their aspirations.

After they have tried to reach their rightful aims and have failed, they attribute their disappointment to existing conditions rather than due to their own incapacity. Therefore discontent and hate ferment against a supposedly wrong social order, or allegedly guilty people, envy grows against more favored fellow creatures, and the diseased mind of the abnormal becomes a public danger.

Through the influence of repeated propaganda, normal people become infected by doubt and suffer from imaginary wrongs. Led astray by this delusion, which harms them, they join the ranks of the rebels, where they are paraded as testimonies of the justness of the cause.

The acts of such mentally deficient people are individual violations of law and custom, but when social parasites find in these forces of misery and waywardness a tool strong enough to overthrow or modify the social order for their personal benefit, they claim rights for abnormality and set up insanity as the standard by which the rest of humanity should be modeled.”

Fernand J.J.Merckx, The Bolshevism of Sex, 1921

The ‘spirit of Bolshevism’ described in this near-100 year old book seems to be the dominant spirit of our age — sadly for us.

The book was primarily about feminism, hence the book’s title, but it fits other similarly-motivated movements.

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