Wrongthink will not be tolerated

Ron Unz has a long article about the immigration issue and about the political bankruptcy (his words) of “White Nationalism.” It’s over 3,000 words in all so I can hardly do it justice without thinking it through — but here are some thoughts.

My observation of what happened during the 2016 election was that, though Trump was running on the immigration question to some extent, it was just token opposition to the ‘open borders’ crisis, not a sign of deep commitment to enforcing our laws or stopping the massive flood of immigrants. Remember the massive throngs heading for our Southern ”border” daily back during those days? It was a genuine crisis.

The ‘talk’ from the media and the politicians back then was that ‘White Nationalism’ was finished but still somehow a huge threat to our safety and ‘freedom’ because WNs were Nazis and extremists. Trump himself made at least one statement that was standard boilerplate on the subject; in it he sounded no different than some of the Democrats.

“Racism is evil,” Mr. Trump said at the White House after meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray. “Those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

His previous coy behavior in ‘tolerating’ those on the right (including the so-called ‘Alt-right’ which had been thoroughly demonized by the media by then) seemed calculated, and his efforts to court the black vote with the usual pandering and flattery (“wonderful, wonderful people“) and the Hispanic vote, offering the DACA plan for Hispanic young people (“wonderful, wonderful people“) diminished any favorable feelings I had.

It seemed to me that the ‘WN movement’, outsider movement though it was, was used by some politicians when expedient, but when it was decided that it had to be, in that tired phrase, ”thrown under the bus”, then it was dead politically. Unz’s article goes into the ‘reasons’ why the movement had to ‘die the death’ and be discarded and disowned by everybody who was anybody, but the ‘whys’ amounted to self-fulfilling prophecies, or ex post facto justifications for decisions that the political hacks and media pundits had ready-made.

Politicians have been known to sell their souls, metaphorically at least, for the sake of getting elected. The media, even the so-called ‘conservative’ media, are not on our side, and are prone to pursue ‘respectability.’ Who knows what the real views of these people may be; everyone in that world is cowardly or calculating, not frank and honest. They may not even know themselves, so artificial are they.

And if ‘the people’ have rejected the common-sense idea of immigration restriction, it is because they are too often soft-headed people who are taken in by their ‘hard-working’ Hispanic immigrant acquaintances, or their cool POC friends, like on TV. Many of our folk are people who have to like and be liked by everyone, and damn the costs to society. Maybe this present crisis will change that; maybe not.

So Unz and others are apparently saying that ‘the people have spoken’ by their action (or non-action), deciding that mass immigration and ethnic replacement are not so bad, in exchange for ‘Diversity’ and cultural enrichment, and after all, we’re all Americans as long as the replacements come here legally.

Over the years I wrote a few pieces about the flaws of White Nationalism — not the idea that it is ‘evil’ as Trump said; it is not. But those who wanted it to be pan-European, with ‘White’ replacing our specific ethnic identity and loyalty were mistaken, I thought. I don’t believe that European-descended people are interchangeable, or that any of us should have the right to move, say, to Eastern Europe because we think they have it better there. Maybe the Eastern Europeans might have something to say about that.

Apart from those objections, I don’t accept that WNism is ‘evil’, and I do not accept the word ‘racist’, which Trump used in describing people who believe in nationalism.

And I don’t accept weak-tea ‘Civic Nationalism’ which is the fashion of the day.

If the majority of White people hear and read nothing but race-baiting rhetoric such as that used by the controlled media and the ‘respectable’ politicians of all stripes, then of course it is no surprise that they reject all right-of-center ideas, even the sensible idea of controlling our borders. And given our present system of censorship of ideas, which is worsening, it’s unlikely that we can ever extricate ourselves from our present crisis, when those who hold power have such a tight grip on our freedom to think and discern for ourselves.

‘WNs’ were judged to be un-respectable and a liability to the pandering politicos and the ‘system’ so they were denounced and expelled into the outer darkness. Besides, being associated with people of European descent — it was just déclassé.

And yes, I know ‘Trump is the best we’re going to get‘, as people say. And that’s cold comfort.

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