Fires in the West: ‘coincidence’? Yes, say authorities

Wildfires in the Western states are not uncommon in the hotter, drier months of the year, even at this point in the weather cycle. But are the official, controlled media correct when they pronounce the fires to be not deliberately set?

Steve Sailer cites the New York Times’ opinion that the fires are not arson.

The fact that this is being called an “unprecedented fire season” says something; what natural cause could be to blame for all the fires? Some reports say 15 people dead so far.

Some people accept that this is due to “climate catastrophe” and thus that it’s part of “anthropogenic climate change”. In other words, we are causing it; we human beings (with the possible exception of the ‘protected groups’ who are never guilty of anything) .

Steve Sailer concludes that maybe the fires in the Portland area are the work of individual ‘firebugs’ who are driven to do that kind of thing. He ultimately says there’s not much evidence of Antifa being involved, or of any kind of organized plan to start fires on a grand scale.

The official story is that the Antifa are 100 per cent innocent of any of this; search the Internet and find dozens of stories from ‘officials’ denying the validity of the numerous accusations of Antifa activity. The official stories say all the reports are false. Full stop. End of story.

Snopes says the stories are false, and that’s supposed to be the final word, I suppose. Right. And I have heard that any such talk of Antifa being involved is being labeled ‘misinformation’ and ‘fake news’ and it will be censored in some cases as such.

It does stretch credulity just a little that all these raging fires are just coincidentally happening. In all my life, I’ve never seen this happen on this scale and with such ‘timing’.

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