Arson suspects arrested

Unfortunately they will probably be let loose quickly as usual, but authorities have made arrests in connection with the ‘wildfires’ in California, Oregon, and Washington. This should undermine the official story which exonerated, in advance, members of antifa or BLM.

I have a feeling that the officials will cling to their assertion that nobody in those groups could possibly have been involved, and they will reiterate the line about how such speculation on the part of ‘right-wing extremists’ must be stopped.

But back here in the world of reality, it looks like those who have pretended to care about the environment, nature, wildlife, and ecology, were just putting up a not-very-convincing front. How can anyone with a modicum of sense believe these people ever again? Once a liar, always a liar, and the left is one big edifice of lies, that should be collapsing under the weight of it all.

Unfortunately it seems as though the left has managed to capture all the institutions that matter, so they are propped up by all their duplicitious allies and enablers.

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