The conditioning has done its job all too well

In some of the material I’ve been reading online, both blog pieces and comments, (not to mention the ‘news reports), I find myself exasperated at the evidence that so many Americans cannot think sensibly about this mess we are in.

There is no way to maintain our current obsession with ‘antiracism’ or equality or ”fairness” and still be able to extricate ourselves from this rapidly deteriorating situation.

Even now, a lot of us think that if we only do certain things, we can have a harmonious society. Yet all recent history seems to indicate that things are deteriorating, and common sense tells us that we can’t hope to ‘win’ by doing what we’ve done all along: trying to appease and placate and accommodate. Or, more specifically, we certainly get nowhere by accepting the category of ”racism”, because it is useless to plead ‘guilty’ as we’ve seemingly done from the beginning, and hope to get clemency by saying, “yes, we (or our ancestors) did horrible wrongs to you and your ancestors, so let us make it up to you, and we can then coexist.” It’s like consenting to be blackmailed and then finding more demands await us — imagine our surprise!

I was just skimming through an ‘American Thinker’ piece about this issue, (yes, I know; American Thinker is politically correct even when they imagine they are being edgy or ‘bold’) and the writer seemed, as most of the commenters there, to think that hurling back accusations of racism was a good plan.But we should all have seen how weak and ineffectual that is.

I think the key is not to accept the other side’s definitions and ideas, and when people think ‘DR3’ is a sure-fire tactic, you know we’re in trouble. Everyone but clueless Whites knows that those ‘real racist’ accusations fall on deaf ears, or are laughed off by the recipient. The official definition of racism (according to the accusers) is ‘prejudice plus power’, and of course in that world, only Whites have any power. Absurd, but as long as we let them, they will keep using this line of nonsense.

I will ask again, how did it come to be that the very worst of the worst of moral flaws or sins is to prefer one’s own folk, people like oneself? And how is it a moral transgression to like certain people and dislike others? Everyone likes or dislikes other people for varying reasons. Everyone.dislikes.someone. Anyone who says otherwise lies. Even God himself says he hates the wicked, and that he hated some people and loved others. God gave us both emotions. We are to ‘abhor’ that which is bad and ‘cleave to’ the good. In other words, to choose.

What’s another word for “choose?”

Everybody ”discriminates” by being friends with some and not others.

The foolishness that says we must ‘love everybody’ is not reality; nobody can love everybody. If we love everybody, we don’t love anybody, because love is by definition an exclusive thing. We prefer somebody, or certain people, very strongly. Love excludes. But it does not mean that we ”hate” those we do not prefer. Yet we allow people to make these false statements all the time.

People blame Christianity for this soft-headedness, because some people say Christianity is ‘universalist.’ That word does not mean what its users often think; in a Christian context it means only a doctrine that all people will be saved, whether good or bad, because God does not exclude anyone; that would be cruel, so he is only bluffing, I guess, about damnation. Everyone wins the prize in the end, just like in our nanny-state egalitarian schools where all kids win a trophy or a prize, and nobody gets a bad grade.

Universalism does not mean that Christians are required to love everyone and love them equally, as the critics of Christianity say.

Love is not forced or ordered by law. One can only coerce grudging acceptance, but it comes with resentment oftentimes.

And do Christians teach that everyone is our brother? Some Christians teach that, but some of the more discerning teachers say that we are not born children of God, but must receive that right.

Whatever the truth may be it is wrong to coerce ‘love’ or ‘brotherhood.’ People frown on shotgun marriages but that’s a good analogy.

And yet there are so many Americans who reflexively side with the other side, for various less-than-honorable reasons.

I don’t have a ready answer but it has to start with people rejecting the very notions that have such a grip on us as a folk. And we’ve got to refuse to use the terminology and the words and the ‘arguments’ of anyone who does not have our interests at heart.

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