The cover-up

You know; the cover-up into which everybody is pressured to participate.

The blog Human Stupidity asks whether it’s wrong, or a sin, to omit the truth about certain things, such as crime. The idea is to avoid ‘prejudice’; if people are not aware of the statistics, showing the widespread nature of certain crimes, then they can’t form ‘prejudices.’

But this kind of concealment not only treats the public like children, as if we must be kept from knowing certain things, it’s actually insulting to us. It also means that the public are deliberately left vulnerable because facts are hidden from us; many people who don’t stay in touch with what’s going on in their world are left ignorant, so as not to ‘offend’ someone or some group of people.

Who puts the pressure on us to go along with this cover-up of facts? On one side we have these people in public office who are ideologues, or bureaucrats who conform and follow orders blindly. On the other side we have very ethnocentric ‘communities’ who raise a fuss about ‘prejudice’ and false accusations motivated by ‘racism’, etc.

I remember some years ago when ‘they’ (law enforcement higher-ups? Media people?) stopped issuing physical descriptions of wanted criminals or fugitives. Nothing would be announced in media reports as to what the wanted man (or woman) looked like, except for vague descriptions involving clothing, or else useless descriptions like ‘dark hair, medium complexion‘. Increasingly names and pictures are withheld.

I wonder how many lives have been lost because the authorities would not provide a description of a suspect or fugitive wanted criminal ? The safety and lives of the general public are obviously not top priority with the people who decide these things. And we, the public, do little to try to fix this.

It appears that antiracism is the entire ‘ mission’ of this country, and in fact of all Western countries now. It’s a religion for some, or a cult.

There is no higher goal for most people who hold authority, apparently, than the antiracist mission.

So in the name of this ‘mission’ we are expected to go along, by word and deed, with this pretense that everybody is equal, and equally prone to crime and violence. No — wait; we are not equally prone to wrongdoing; we are even more so because only we can be guilty of this crime-of-all-crimes — racism. We are Public Enemy #1.

But to be asked to lie, in word, attitude, and action, in order to take part in this big cover-up of reality, is wrong. It’s morally wrong, in answer the question posed by the blogger.

As a Christian, I’m not supposed to lie. None of us are to lie, and we’re not given special permission to lie in order to avoid angering or offending someone or some group. It seems especially wrong to compound it by concealing things people need to know. If the concealed facts affect someone’s personal safety or that of their families, it’s especially wrong to hide facts or lie.

I’ve wondered often how Christians or anybody who is honest can lie just for the sake of not being called a name, or to spare someone else from being offended or ”hurt” or angered. There is no special permission to lie for such reasons. But it seems to be an unspoken assumption on the part of many people that some kinds of lying are good, or at least neutral.

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