And they is us — it seems

Chris Wray’s recent remarks, confuse the reader. For example his saying that Anti-fa were not a ‘group’ but they were a ‘movement’ — can a ‘movement’ mean an un-organized group? He says it is not a ‘group.’ He says it IS an ideology. So much hair-splitting.

It is obviously a coordinated group, as seen in the current arson (no, NOT climate-change) spree in the West. There have been tweets and communications between these supposed Lone Wolf ”activists” indicating that they are working systematically. These have been made public, and no denial from ‘official sources’ will convince me otherwise.

The alleged ‘authorities’ who deny and who sit on their hands, refusing to act against the obvious violence, should stop worrying about some phantom ‘systemic racism. Instead they ought to look at where the real danger is: it’s in these corporate-funded, government-protected ‘activists’ who so far have been insulated from any consequences, other than being booked and released in quick succession.

The slippery answers from the officials about Antifa were purposely obfuscated; the following, however, was plain enough — though not credible.

“The FBI director said racially motivated violent extremists, such as white supremacists, have been responsible for the most lethal attacks in the U.S. in recent years.”

apnews, 18 September, 2020

Who? Where? How? Names? How many lives were taken by these ‘supremacists’?

Proof? Facts? Statistics? Corroboration? Evidence? Witnesses?

Sadly a certain number of people will hear or read this and accept it uncritically.

It’s depressing that the Charlottesville event has been painted as ‘murder’ when we all know that had the people involved had been different it would all have played out in a different way.

Yet other than that incident, what actual reality can the accusers point to to establish their claims? If they can’t then it constitutes something like a blood libel. But then right and wrong, honest or dishonest, true or false, no longer hold meaning in post-American America.

However those of us who’ve read about earlier, real-life events, or those old enough to remember, can cite Randy Weaver and his family and LaVoy Finicum. What did they do to earn their fate? If I took time to do a little research I could mention other such cases in which people with ‘wrong’ political/religious views plus ‘wrong’ skin color were made targets by TPTB.

Fabricating in order to defame leads to justifying unethical action against them.

The ramshackle edifice of lies will fall of its own weight eventually.

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