The ‘real haters’

Some Republicans and ‘conservatives’ can’t help themselves; they have a compulsion to call the left “the real racists”. It’s never been known to have the desired effect; it goes in one ear and out the other, with the left.

Regardless of whether the Democrats are the ”real racists” or fake racists or any other kind, they are the real haters. They relish hating others. And I include not just the White left but their clients and mascots and partners-in-mayhem.

It is, however, simultaneously pathetic and disgusting when White white people seem to hate other Whites. It’s disgusting because it is not natural for people to hate their own flesh and blood, their kindred. But this attitude is widespread, or it seems to be. It’s especially noticeable in large groups, like at public events. But is it genuine or faked? Often it seems to be a cowardly reaction: out of fear of being seen as less than amicable towards those of other races. I’ve noticed how at say, comedy performances where a black ‘comedian’ is ridiculing or defaming Whites, the white audience will laugh harder, so as to appease or to seem compliant and ‘able to take a joke’ And of course we’re assured it is all just a joke, all in good fun and we have to display our sense of humor, our ability to be a ‘good sport’.

Was the BBC audience in this news story displaying a healthy sense of humor in the situation? Sophie Duker, the alleged comedian, on the Frankie Boyle New World Order (!) show, “joked” about ‘killing Whitey.’ Would that kind of speech be allowed if the comedian was White (Duker is black, of course) ? Of course the question is rhetorical.

There was reportedly some outrage from viewers, and that’s a good sign, I suppose, though nothing will change. White performers who know the offender came to her defense, predictably. What was it that the poet Robert Frost supposedly said — that a liberal is someone who won’t take his own side in an argument?

But this attitude on the part of Whites has been developing for a long time. Back in 1998, Bill Clinton, in a commencement speech, said that by 2040, Whites would be a minority. The reaction of the audience was applause and cheering. Apparently our demise causes hilarity, though I don’t get the ‘joke.’

I still say it’s unnatural, though people have been conditioned or manipulated into these behaviors.

It seems that the hatred that’s been directed towards us has become internalized, and some deluded ‘whites’ think they are somehow better for playing along and laughing at their own dispossession and debasement.

The BBC is disgraceful for promoting this kind of thing, and it’s not a good sign that White people even consume this toxic and malicious propaganda.

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