Every day, what with all perpetual noice about ”racism”‘, White people are, explicitly or implicitly, accused of ”hating” others, specifically those of other ethnicities or races. The fact is, let’s admit it: we do hate a lot of people if you look at the numerous different types of peoples despised by individuals. Oddly — or not — most of the people who are the targets of our animus and loathing are people of our own kind.

A lot of us, even people on the ‘right’, express loathing of America and Americans, aka ‘Murkans’. Lots of Americans show contempt for the Founding generations, who were apparently far less intelligent and sensible than the present-day citizens of this country. Today’s Americans, it seems, would have written a much better Constitution and could have conceived a much better country than what we had.

Oh, and ‘Southrons ‘shoulda picked their own cotton‘, because if they had, we would not have today’s crises. At all. At least, so I’ve heard, many times.

P.S.:the colonial settlers tried picking their own cotton; how else did they get it done in the early days? Trouble was, many of the colonists, being pale-skinned and acclimated only to a cool, damp climate, died of heat stroke while picking cotton or other crops in hot, humid Southeastern colonies. Malaria was rife. Seeing as their numbers were already diminished by plagues, famine, and Indian massacres — well, they ‘coulda picked their own cotton‘ and thus gone extinct. I, for one, would not be here to write this, nor would some of my readers.

What would the know-it-alls have done?

Hindsight, remember, is 20/20.

All right. America haters, and American haters. It’s popular these days.
Haters of the South: stereotypes about Southrons being toothless mouth-breathing yokels — while in fact many were far more educated and cultured than their Northern counterparts. Now wait: nobody take offense; I won’t insult my own ancestors, who included settlers in both Northern and Southern colonies, and who represented various places in England.

Speaking of the English, let’s remember the Anglophobes, seen a lot in certain places on the Internet.

The English/British colonists, overall, were a well-educated set of people. Later immigrants, by contrast, were in many cases illiterate in their own languages and of course they often knew no English. England sent some of its best people here, and that includeds the Yankee settlers of New England, who were mostly yeoman farmers.

And let’s not forget that being of the upper classes is a cause for disdain to many Americans of today who resent and envy any aristocracy, or a class structure of any kind. Look at all the opprobrium that is directed at the Windsors — of whom I am no particular fan, but just because one dislikes the Windsors, that doesn’t constitute a reason for hating all royalty.

Many Americans dislike America, its people, its system (meant only for a ‘moral and religious people‘, remember, so it doesn’t fit us anymore). And speaking of ‘religious’, there is no shortage of bitter anti-Christian Americans, and now we’ve even got avowed satanists coming out in the open with their anti-Christian venom.

But often Christians strongly dislike those of other Christian denominations; read some of the threads, if you can find them since Facebook started censoring — of Kinists who are called all sorts of names by ‘mainstream’ Christians. Then there are the Protestant-Catholic disputes which get very heated, more so now than years ago, I think.

I find that one of the least respected forms of Christianity is CI. Everybody feels free to ridicule or dismiss or argue it down. Even if they know nothing about it.

I think it’s because they want to be able to link it to Judaism, and to dismiss both with one condemnation. Whereas the two religions are not tied together.

People like me, who follow some type of the old-time religion, like that of my grandmother’s generation, are derided as ‘fundies’ who are narrow-minded, ignorant, and fanatical. No use protesting that; nobody listens to argument or facts or sense or logic. Or very few people do. Very few.

It goes without saying that the left hates, in the deepest sense of the word, anybody of right-leaning inclinations, and they’ve proven that they have no qualms about taking lives of those who disagree with their unhinged brand of politics.

Let’s not forget that the sexes are at odds, with some extremists on both sides hating the opposite sex, which escalates things constantly. Nothing good can come of it; ethnicities and races can live apart from each other — although our government wants to ban that, and force the opposite, to make intermingling a must; we are not to have freedom to associate with whom we choose, despite it being one of the rights in our Bill of Rights.

Who hates whom in this situation? It appears ‘our’ government hates somebody in order to want to control our lives to that degree.

Again, most of the ‘hating’ of which we are guilty is against those of our own folk and fold. Most of it is not directed at ‘Others’ despite our being accused of hating Others. In fact White Americans seem to overcompensate massively towards, let’s say, ‘kissing up’ to those groups who most dislike us. Is it virtue signalling, or is it a ‘survival mechanism’ of appeasing? Whatever the motive it is way out of hand, and it’s a form of living a lie.

But it’s forbidden to even be annoyed, much less to ‘hate’ the Protected Groups. So we re-direct our hate towards those toward whom it is allowed to be hateful and scathing.

Who would that be? Who’s lowest on the totem pole of social esteem?
Old people. A British website recently published a piece called ‘Respect Your Elders’ because this peculiar trend has caught on in Britain. Oldies are stupid, fat ugly, worthless and they Stole My Inheritance and Gave Away My Country, It isn’t Fair’, etc.

The Bible calls for capital punishment for those cursing their parents. But oh well. Scapegoating.; ever- popular, useful, but especially so in this 21st century.

We all have some individuals, or even some groups, for whom we have some kind of gut-level antipathy. It’s spontaneous, not something subject to our control. But hating our own flesh and blood is in a class by itself. It’s not like disliking a stranger. It’s easier to dislike someone about whom we know nothing and with whom we have few commonalities, so why is it currently so easy to loathe our own?

At the same time, the Big Brother/Big Sister apparatchiks whose role seems to be lecturing, hectoring, accusing, monitoring, and gaslighting tell us that it is a ‘crime’ to have unapproved ‘bad’ feelings towards specific Others, as they actively incite and knowingly stir up feelings of anger and loathing on the part of said Others leading them to scapegoat us for their dissatisfaction and feelings of ‘persecution.’

Is there even a possibility that we stop scapegoating and directing all our antipathies toward our own kind, or am I alone in this wish? Q keeps harping on the dire need for ‘unity’ but we can’t unify with the whole planet, though some would wish to force that. “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” And civic or political unity is not sufficient to bond with others.

The fact is we have very real enemies out there, and an existential threat, yet so many of us are aligning themselves with those who despise us openly, hoping to show their goodwill, or hoping to be ‘et by the alligator last’, so they hope.

We can’t go on assuming responsibility for those outside our fold; we are not Santa or the World’s nanny; we are not responsible for trying to fix dysfunctional ‘communities’ nor should we assume guilt for their problems. We first have to learn to recognize those who are ours first, and put aside the useless animosity.

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