Courting the Community

I knew that the President was courting the black and Hispanic vote heavily; he did that in the 2016 campaign. But his latest effort, the Platinum Plan, really ups the ante: 500 billion offered to the ”community”.

This shows where his priorities are. And it appears that he has less interest in the majority population than in wooing the coy “communities” who are always needing to be courted and bribed to vote for anybody other than the Democrats.

The last blog discussion I read about this situation amounted to a lot of the tired old excuses, mainly the ‘we have no choice’ argument. As I am becoming less and less a believer in the efficacy of voting, especially as we have no one who represents us, I am not swayed by that half-hearted excuse.

The other excuse I’ve heard is also a tattered, tired one: ‘Politicians HAVE to do those things, they HAVE to buy votes; all of them do it, all presidents have done it’, etc. etc. I wonder if that was the expectation of the Founding Fathers when they set up our system? George Washington et al were opposed to the very idea of political parties and ‘factions.’ When we have two parties steeped and marinated in corruption then I’d say we’ve failed somewhere. Yet it seems everyone is resigned to this system and lack the will to change things. Apparently we have to stay in this runaway vehicle which can only go in one direction, without brakes.

Am I too idealistic in wishing that this pandering ‘need’ could just be rejected? What would be the repercussions if somebody in power just refused? ‘Just say no’. Instead — well, if you haven’t read about what this ‘package’ promises, you can see it here.

Notice that Antifa is (again) supposedly to be labeled a ‘terrorist organization’ (Trump promised that some time ago), and notice that the klan will also be labeled that way. By the way, I presume they must have found a half a dozen or so klan ‘terrorists’ somewhere, although I haven’t read of any activity on their part. And you can bet that if they were terrorizing anyone (as the Antifa so obviously are) we would be reading about it in every newspaper and hearing about it on Fox News and everywhere else. But there have been no news stories about them.

There are no Klan terrorists these days. As Hunter Wallace has said, there are none in 2020. The Klan of the 1950s I have heard little about, and that of the era of President Wilson was not an outlaw organization; they paraded legally through Washington D.C. and were greeted by Woodrow Wilson, hardly a ‘right-wing’ president.

The original organization was part of Reconstruction. It demonstrably saved lives of unarmed civilians who did no harm, but themselves needed help. No one seems to ”get” this part of history; instead it’s been criminalized and those in power now are intent on spreading erroneous ‘history’. This is wrong.

Will I bring trouble on myself by speaking the truth about this? It’s sad when the truth gets one in trouble with those in authority. But that’s the world we live in in 2020.

So did the President ‘have to’ promise to take action against the phantom ‘white supremacists’ to placate the ‘communities’? Looks that way. Prosecute non-existent White terrorists to make it ”fair”. Last I read, one of those klan groups in Florida was made up of, well, government employees, agents.

As I also heard, a ‘lynch law’ is included in this package. Does anyone remember the Carter Strange case, several years back? A teenaged White boy was savagely assaulted in a parking lot at night by eight ‘youths’. Surprisingly they were charged under the state’s lynch laws — and lynching does not always mean hanging or killing — nor need it be White-on-black, as many people falsely believe:

“Four members of the gang were charged under South Carolina’s old lynching law for the vicious beating, which left Carter Strange so badly injured he required facial reconstruction surgery.”

But who knows? What with the lopsided system I wouldn’t be surprised if someone amended those laws eventually so that only one side can be guilty of the crime, and only one kind of ‘victim’ can be protected.

What I see in the whole situation with the President’s efforts is that he is thoroughly a ‘civnat’ (which we have known since the 2016 campaign), and that he believes 100 percent in America as a multicultural, multiracial, diverse and inclusive nation in which we have token beliefs in ‘equality’ but in which some are more equal than others.

And it looks like there is no way of altering the course toward a globalist system, because it’s a necessary step on the way to the One World Utopia.

And as for the present situation, as my black sociology teacher in college said, ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’,— or the $500 billion as the case may be.

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