A misguided plan

Feeling as though I was the odd one out on the question of Trump’s ‘Platinum Plan’, his $500 billion package for America’s oppressed, I felt more vindicated when reading this analysis of it at VDare. It was written by ‘Washington Watcher II‘ and I think his take is accurate, rather than that of the perpetual apologists who have endless excuses for defending the Platinum Plan.

The writer of the piece, incidentally, refers to the plan as “Javanka’s.” That may well be the case. It is curious that, formerly, commenters online blamed whatever they did not like in Trump’s policies on Jared Kushner, aka President Kushner. Somehow nobody has so far blamed Kushner for this particular plan. I suppose that would be because somehow they like it, and see it as politically shrewd if not fiscally sound. The idea, I have been told, is to ‘beat the liberals to it’, to pre-emptively give this generous ‘aid package’ to the Community so as to do it first, and steal the left’s thunder.

That seems to me to be a rather convoluted argument for this thing, but realizing I am in the minority as to my opinion, I just have to resign myself to being “wrong” on this, even among people on the ‘right’. But then that’s nothing new for me.

Washington Watcher II points out some problems with the plan:

“But problems abound:

“Infrastructure investment of $500 billion in black communities, aiming to create 3 million new jobs, and 500,000 black-owned businesses. As part of a general economic plan that would benefit all Americans, that wouldn’t be so bad. But this is a pledge intended only for blacks. Is this legal?

“Home ownership opportunities” a daft idea from George W. Bush, which contributed to the subprime mortgage crisis because blacks and other minorities received home loans they could not afford.

“Criminal justice reforms” to reaffirm Jared Kushner’s First Step Act, which sprung hundreds of violent offenders and drug dealers from prison. It includes “a National Clemency Program to unite families and invest in human potential, focusing on wrongful prosecution and rehabilitation,” more “diversity training” for cops and incentives to hire ex-cons.”

And then we get to what I consider moral issues, issues of truth vs. falsehoods and slanders: the implied moral equivalency between Antifa and the Southern ‘secret societies’ of the Reconstruction Era.

“Its designation of Antifa as a “Terror Group” is all well and good—and obvious to anyone but someone like Son-In-Law In Chief Jared Kushner — but why lump these communist revolutionaries, who with Black Lives Matter are setting American cities aflame, with the virtually non-existent (except for FBI infiltrators) KKK?”

VDare.com, 9/27/2020

The Antifas et al are made up, apparently, by hard-core criminal types, people with no compunctions about defying all law and authority, and no inhibitions about harming innocent people. By contrast, the so-called ‘terrorists’ of the Reconstruction Era South were, in the early days, recruited from former CSA Army Officers who had to have records of honorable service. They were Christian men, not riff-raff like today’s ”activists.” Lumping the two groups together is dishonest and misleading, only furthering the false image that the 1800s era self-defense groups (who could not operate openly) were criminals and ”terrorists”. People should inform themselves by reading old books and materials to be able to understand, and few people have done that, or will do it, so the false images are the ones that people are buying, and thus they are making wrong judgments.

There is now no ‘Klan’ to speak of, not anymore, and the article also says as much.

But the image of the history of the South is being distorted and misrepresented. Maybe Trump himself does not know the real history, and probably will not ever. Maybe he believes the canards and myths which make the South and its people perpetual villains. After all, in our country, black people are put on a pedestal as being innocent victms of evil oppressors, and we all know who those oppressors are. Is everyone really OK with being the eternal heavy in this narrative? Seriously?

I am unhappy with the lack of a truthful narrative here; I perceive it as an injustice which I find intolerable. Maybe it’s just me; maybe I should just shrug it off, but something in me won’t let me do that. It may be that no one will hear what I have to say, but nonetheless I have to say it, and keep faith with my forefathers. Only then can I feel I’ve done my duty.

Truth matters, even though we live in the Age of the Lie. It matters more now than ever.

So, let those who want to condescend to their perpetual ‘clients’ work out their paternalistic and maternalistic compulsions, and do their social work to assuage their consciences about their ‘racist’ guilt. But I want the truth to be known about what really happened in those bygone days. It was not like some simplistic, fatuous Hollywood movie with a cloying antiracist moral, and not like one of those movies with a White villain who gets his just deserts. Life is not even figuratively ‘black and white’, but more complex than that.

Our ancestors were not monsters who inflicted violence on people “just because of the color of their skin.” That last phrase, so often ignorantly invoked as being a description of ‘racism’, should be laughed at and derided; has anyone ever persecuted or attacked people just based on their complexion or skin color? No. Now what was it that someone said about judging by content of character? Behavior just might have had more to do with it, but we can’t say that, can we, lest we bring trouble on ourselves.

Honesty’s all out of fashion“, as an old English song said.

The Platinum Plan will no doubt go ahead regardless of a few people who dislike it, people like me. But the moral equivalency, and the misrepresentation of long-dead people’s character and motives and actions — that must be corrected; those who care will have to speak up for the truth.

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