Birds of a feather

I see that the usual personages are sounding warnings about alleged ‘White supremacists’ causing trouble in North Texas or elsewhere. Really? What with actual violence that has gone unimpeded for months, the people in power are worrying about theoretical threats to the peace?

Democrat mayors and governors have released uncounted numbers convicted felons and essentially protected them, enabled them. By the way, how did these jumped-up nonentities acquire that power? By someone’s decree? Certainly not by any ”democratic” means.

Oh, but by all means let’s sound a warning about ‘extremist Whites’ , apparently those with unapproved opinions or political stances — especially the phantom White supremacists who are ever and always the problem. Or so we’re led to believe.

Now our president feels compelled to denounce said White troublemakers and thought criminals, so he has denounced all the groups he was pressed to denounce. That includes the group known for wearing white hoods, and also the group known as The Proud Boys. But wait: the latter are not necessarily White. Some of the individuals involved are, but prefer to be a diverse-and-inclusive group, so the Proud Boys include blacks and other races. In fact it appears they have had a meeting with BLM, no less, and come to some kind of agreement. At their conference they made it a point to denounce ‘White supremacy’. So much for ‘allies.’

I suppose this is the inevitable result of civic nationalism and this artificial ‘unity’, but the popular version of unity and ‘equality’ seems to culminate always in a distancing from White folk.

“Diverse-and-inclusive” will never be happy to accommodate Whites, never make peace with anything titled “White” . The denunciation and disavowal is becoming de rigueur .

And I do wonder how the President can make these renunciations and denunciations with such apparent ease. I think all the politicians know White folk have very weak ethnic loyalty and less sense of identity than other groups; they take it for granted that we will vote for them even if they take us for granted.

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