“Who are these supremacists of whom you speak?”

In case you were wondering who, exactly, fits the description of these ‘supremacists’ we’ve been warned against, some people — predictably, ‘educators’, graduates of schools of education, have come up with a list of characteristics of the ‘supremacist culture’, and it appears that the people who created this ‘culture of supremacy’ are — you guessed it — White.

At the Reference Frame blog, there is a list delineating the telltale characteristics.

  • Perfectionism
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Defensiveness
  • Quantity Over Quality
  • Worship of the Written Word
  • Only One Right Way
  • Paternalism
  • Either/Or Thinking
  • Power Hoarding
  • Fear of Open Conflict
  • Individualism
  • I’m the Only One
  • Progress is Bigger,
  • More Objectivity
  • Right to Comfort

I suppose the people who specialize in the politics of grievance and victimhood have to earn a living, and have to justify themselves by coming up with mock-scholarly analyses of why unequal outcomes in life never seem to happen, but this is pretty weak fare.

At a glance it looks to me as though the traits listed are good ones, and that any parent worth his (or her) salt tries to imbue their children with some of these traits. And some do come naturally to Whites. Does it deserve to be disparaged as ‘privilege’ if those traits are innate to some people? Should they un-learn those things so as to “level the playing field”?

I would also say, at a glance, that some of the things of which Whites are being accused here, such as ‘perfectionism’ or ‘only one right way’ or ‘a sense of urgency’ — that first, some things do require extreme precision, and as-close -to perfection as we can achieve. Some things can’t be done in a sloppy, slapdash, careless fashion, and the lazy person or the feckless type complains of ‘perfectionism.’ Excuses. Self-exculpation. And some things have to be done now; sometimes the situation is urgent and calls for immediate action. Maybe schoolchildren aren’t in those kinds of situations — yet, but heaven help us if a real-life situation arises in which we have to act now, and we have to get it right, no mistakes. Life can be unforgiving and young people have to learn that fact. It’s part of education. ‘Educators’ who can only be bothered to teach excuse-making and blaming the other guy are not doing their job; they’re not earning their pay. They do all of society an injury.

And let’s glance at the rest of the list:

Either/or thinking‘ is just a phrase used as a cop-out for those who can’t think logically, and when a student comes up with some irrational answer to a question they can plead that they are ‘thinking outside the box’ and that ‘there’s more than just two possible answers to every question.’ Sophist teachers learn this sort of rationalizing twaddle in Education grad school and arm their barely-mediocre students with excuses for not doing better.

Defensiveness? I am being defensive here, I suppose, and I don’t know what the authors of this list intended to convey. Some kinds of defensiveness show at least an effort to counter any false accusations but there is a kind of defensiveness that’s read by an opponent as nothing but weakness, and a ‘pleading’ kind of attitude. If Whites exhibit that, it’s hardly surprising, given that Whites are constantly accused of something or other, generally oppressing the weaker. Oh, but wait a minute: who is the weaker or weakest of the races? Are we not all equal, perfectly on a par with everyone else? Equal in potential as well as in accomplishment?

It isn’t possible to deal with all these traits in depth. But to address one or two more: Worship of the written word? Can I just say that certain peoples not only do not worship the written word, they have no regard for it at all. They are highly averse to it; they hate to read. They are suspicious of anything in a book unless it is a book written about race — from their own side’s point of view. Not everything in books is worth reading, but to be averse to reading is to be cut off from some of the greatest and most inspiring thoughts and ideas. If a teacher won’t or can’t inspire a student to broaden their horizons by reading, again, they ought not to ‘teach’, especially if their idea of ‘teaching’ is to encourage grievances, a victimhood mentality, and bitterness — which is what is being taught in the schools now.

And feeding on a mental diet of TV and Hollywood movies is worse than illiteracy.

One more thing: individualism is, in a sense, a trait of Whites, at least Northern/Northwestern European stock. But in a sense we are, despite superficial appearances, more communal-minded than given credit for, while POCs are praised by the usual people as being ‘family-oriented, ethnocentric (in a good way, of course), and cooperative — but just look at how much conflict and disorder occurs within those ”communities” — it is not all sweetness-and-light in their world. We are at least able to interact within our kin groups in a peaceful way, the usual leftist aberrations excluded.

I think one White trait was missed on this list: the capacity for self-examination; the ability to reflect on our own behavior, and to be willing to self-correct where needed. I think the ability to reflect and to be honest with ourselves without wrongly self-blaming is a rare thing, and helps make us who we are. There are people who cannot even see themselves accurately nor wish to.

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