Columbus Day

Yesterday, October 12, was Columbus Day, the day commemorating the discovery of the ‘New World’ as it was called, the Western hemisphere. I am sure everyone reading this is aware of that, but we can almost be sure that the coming generations, and even those who were ‘educated’ in today’s subversive and truth-averse schools, do not know those things.

Columbus Day is politically incorrect; statues and monuments to Christopher Columbus have been defaced and pulled down by the barbarians, but to me October 12 will still be Columbus Day. The traditional history that was taught up until recent years does not stop being true because some people don’t like it.

I can understand how people of Italian descent in this country dislike the way the good name of their countryman is being disrespected. It seems to be a large part of the agenda: to slander and discredit all historic figures of European descent. We should not passively enable that, but on the other hand ‘we’ are being silenced. So who will speak up for our historical heroes?

One thought on “Columbus Day

  1. I don’t want to be too harsh on the natives of Oklahoma since I’m sure it’s just a loud and obnoxious minority of their communities who do this, but every year around this time like clockwork the aforementioned obnoxious loud mouths of native extraction make a big scene lobbying the Oklahoma Congress and Governor to change the name of Columbus Day in this state to “Native American Day.” And every year, like clockwork, when it doesn’t happen, they beat on the war drums and act like spoiled children for about a month, then I guess it’s onto something else until October-November rolls around again.


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