History repeats?

At the Circa1865 blog, read how a Southern theologian named James H. Thornwell made very prescient remarks about the nature of the War Between the States, as well as describing what he believed would follow after the war — if the South lost the war.

As to the different factions involved in the War, Thornwell said the parties were

“…atheists, socialists, communists, red Republicans and Jacobins, and the other by the “friends of order and regulated freedom. In one word, the world is the battleground and Christianity and Atheism the combatants.”

It sounds very much like the people who are the combatants in today’s mostly one-sided war.

An aside: many Americans are muddled and confused by the fact that a party called ‘the red Republicans‘ agitated for the war, fomenting the abolitionist frenzy, as if it were a sort of holy Crusade. Today’s Americans, especially the younger ones, can’t seem to grasp that those radical Republicans were akin to the far-left groups of today, while the Democrats of the WBTS were moderates by comparison, being implicitly if not explicitly pro-White. In other words, the two parties were not at all the same as today’s Republicans and Democrats; I don’t know why that is so confusing for a lot of people.

As to the rather ominous state of affairs Thornwell foresaw for a post-WBTS America, it seems that if today’s conflict ends with our defeat, we face similar outcomes to those predicted by Thornwell. I suggest reading the whole thing at the Circa1865 blog.

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