Room for more…

Joe Biden is calling for 11 million illegals to be put on the well-known ‘path to citizenship’.

It’s sort of amusing how this article, from Bongino’s web site, takes the ’11 million’ number as being factual and verified. It’s bizarre how the media have used these lowball numbers for decades now, with straight faces, to lull us into thinking there are only these same ’11 million’ illegals lurking here and there in our country for all these years. Apparently these 11 million never have children nor do they ever bring their aged parents, grandparents, or in-laws to live here with them. Right.

To be fair, the article does ask whether the numbers of illegals might be higher, maybe even as many as 22 million!

“The estimate that there are 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. (representing over 3% of the total population) is on the conservative end. A study from the Yale School of Management estimates that the true illegal population could exceed 22 million.”

Try doubling that number, and even that might not be close to the actual count. The fact is that probably nobody knows the true number.

Rmployers constantly make the excuse that immigrants are needed to fill the demands of the job market. But it looks as though we’ve got plenty of unemployed people in need of work especially as the temporary stay on evictions is about to expire. Any sympathy or empathy I feel is towards our own folk who are now in need, or will be, soon. More ‘immigrants’ flooding in to take jobs that should go to our own will just make things worse.

To be fair, the Bongino article does point out the negatives associated with this inept and careless program to bring in more immigrants. While is true, as the article says, that the Democrats want more votes (and yes, regardless of Trump’s claims about the new ‘Hispanic Republican’ voters he is attracting, the Republicans are still determined to elect themselves a new constituency, made up of Latino conservatives and black Trump fans — along with their colorblind loyalist base.

Meanwhile in Canada, the ‘Family reunification’ laws have been expanded which will no doubt alter the demographics of that country, which have already been noticeably altered.

“So far, family reunification was intended only for close relatives, members of the so-called nuclear family, that is, parents, grandparents, siblings or children. However, according to new measures set up by Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino and Health Minister Patty Hajdu, the “close relationship” will now also include uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, cousins and other extended family members. Even “permanent partners” who are neither registered spouses nor partners, foster children, and many other groups of people fall in this category, including foreigners in “an exclusive dating relationship of at least one year and their dependent children”.

Ricardo Duchesne, William Greenough, Council of European Canadians blog, 10/24/20

Patty Hadju, the Health Minister, asks Canadians to display ‘compassion’ in view of what the authorities say is a resurgence of Covid, and in view of ‘renewed lockdown measures.’ So because of a supposed new epidemic of Covid, it’s somehow “compassionate” to bring in new immigrants? Why? Compassionat to whom?

Likewise with new lockdowns. Bring in new immigrants so they can be confined to their new ‘homes’? Excuse me but that makes no sense, but then neither do any of these authoritarian measures they are implementing anywhere in the world, such as Australia or Wales or anywhere else we can think of.

But, regardless of pandemics or lockdowns, the show must go on, and there’s always room for one more. Or 11 million more.

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