Election speculations from the peanut gallery

Naturally there is a lot of speculation and conjecturing from voters on the eve of the election — well, almost the eve of the big day. I won’t be bold or foolish enough to make any predictions of my own; I think the crystal ball looks a little too cloudy for that just now. In today’s wild atmosphere, almost anything might happen.

I did notice some comments made by readers of various blogs, and there are some non-factual remarks. Example: the assertion that most women will not vote for Trump. I think if you look at his rallies you will see lots of women, and they appear very enthusiastic in support of the President. If anyone thinks those women are there because their pro-Trump husbands dragged them along against their will — well, that’s an unlikely scenario in the very pro-feminist world of 2020; the non-liberal women have bought into feminism if only in a milder form than the pink-hat-wearing leftist women.

So yes plenty of right-leaning women do support Trump.

Another ‘iffy’ statement: Trump will lure away many POC voters, so many that it will give Trump a boost and a new POC voter base. But if we go by historical voting patterns I don’t believe those patterns can be overturned just like that, just that easily. What was the percentage of blacks voting for Obama in 2012? 90 per cent. It remains to be seen whether the GOP will achieve their longstanding dream of winning over black voters, wooing them away from the “Democrat Plantation” [their phrase, not mine].

The GOP is a so-far rejected or jilted suitor for the black vote. But they remain confident of winning over the object of their apparent affections.

And here’s where I see some wishful thinking: some voters are saying that even if women don’t come around to supporting Trump, maybe the young men (millennials and younger, as well as Gen X-ers) will make up for it by voting for right-ish candidates. (How many real right-wingers, or even mildly conservative politicians, are on ‘our side’?)

A Washington Post – ABC News Poll prior to the 2016 election showed that among voters, those who opposed Trump’s ‘harsh enforcement policies’ (as they described them), were 75 percent of Hispanics, 79 percent of Democrats, and 57 percent of voters overall. And what about the young voters just champing at the bit to come in and save the day? Two-thirds of them opposed Trump’s policies on immigration.

The only age group that supported Trump’s plans were the over 65 age group.

Trump himself is of that age group.

And that age group is growing fewer in number by the day. I don’t know how many of those people are still alive and thriving; I keep hearing that they are the group most likely to succumb to the pandemic, as the youngest of them are 74 years old. Who will take their place, demographically? Newly-minted voters from the third world? People who entered illegally but who are being made legal by amnesty schemes?

What does this mean for America, or what used to be America? What will the demise of the older age group mean to the political landscape?

How is ”democracy”, falsely so-called going to be affected by our own Grand Remplacement?

By the way, I’ve just read on the Internet that the Grand Remplacement is a ”right-wing conspiracy”. I am trying not to laugh here, but it’s no laughing matter. Someone must inform Canadian PM Trudeau about it; I think he ought to be informed about this conspiracy by Whites to replace Whites.

The election, though, is a serious issue, and I hope it proceeds without any disorder or conflict. How it unfolds will indicate whether we are still a relatively civilized country with rules and standards and order, or whether we are en route to banana-republicdom.

One thought on “Election speculations from the peanut gallery

  1. I call them the “sham elections” for a reason, and therefore have no qualms with calling it early for Trump. I’ve been calling it for Trump for two years; why stop now? I don’t mind eating a little crow if needs be, but I doubt that’ll be the case.


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