The situation in France

The recent incidents in France, in which French clergy in particular have been attacked, seem to be evidence that a new pattern is emerging, and more attacks on the French folk seem to be indicated.

The question always comes up in my mind when I hear of these things: how did the French become so complacent about these attacks? How is it that a people apparently become jaded to the presence of a hostile population in their midst? We could ask ourselves the same question. Why are the host population willing to take the risk of becoming one of the casualties, or of one of their family members becoming a target? What is the reasoning which leads a people to accept the risk, and to willingly let their native country’s culture and history to be potentially lost?

There are always xenophiles in any country, and a country such as France which prides itself on its sophistication and cosmopolitanism seems especially vulnerable.

France, though, has had some strong nationalistic tendencies, but some of those instincts, when focused on what might seem trivial , could seem absurd to outsiders. For example, the objection to the absorption of English words into French speech. That particular movement to keep the French language ‘pure’ is probably not seen as such an important battle. But if the French or any people have accepted English slang, albeit grudgingly, they seem to have been very cavalier about accepting millions of ‘migrants’ or ex-colonials like the Algerians. That seems to me to be an example of “straining at a gnat, but swallowing a camel.”

It appears that the people who accept millions of people of other ethnicities and religions, knowing of the long history of conflict and violence amongst disparate peoples, are knowingly accepting certain risks, which seem incomprehensible if looked at objectively.

If the French people couldn’t tolerate the Huguenots in their country, why on earth would they willingly accept peoples who were more distinct, less compatible, than the native French Huguenots? Yet there are people who defend the presence of peoples who lack cultural or genetic connections to the French.

It seems such an injustice to Huguenots, a people who were law-abiding, productive, intelligent and Christian (not cultists, as somebody said here once) to violently purge them from the country, massacring many of them. I suppose it could be said to be a rehearsal for the Jacobins’ bloodshed.

There’s no understanding the human mind sometimes, it seems.

But things look a little ominous for France — and what about the incident in Vienna? I hope it isn’t just a foreshadowing of things to come.

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