What happened?

Despite having watched the election returns last night, I can’t say I understood exactly what was happening, except that it seemed obvious that there were some irregularities in the way in which the results were being reported.

There was surprisingly good coverage from Newsmax, which was where I eventually watched most of the election coverage; no commercials (I use streaming services not TV) and fair-minded commentary.

However everything seemed to have come to a halt when some questioned Fox News “early call” giving Arizona to Trump, and before you knew it, the proceedings stopped, and it was announced that everything would be suspended until morning, and suddenly it was implied that Joe Biden was favored over Trump based on the electoral votes that had been (theoretically) awarded to Biden.

Additionally it seemed that the analysts decided to hold back on the counting for the time being, until today.

It seemed as if somebody somewhere wanted to halt Trump’s momentum. Given the media’s obvious bias against Trump, this seemed a little suspicious.

It was very frustrating to watch this play out, and to wonder just who is in ‘control’ of a situation like this?

Lots of Americans in recent years have seen election outcomes reversed when, in a close contest, the Left somehow finds a few thousand votes, just enough to reverse the outcome of the election, making the Democrats the beneficiaries of the ‘good luck’ needed to just stumble across a few thousand votes. And they’ve gotten away with it a number of times, including in gubernatorial elections. When are they going to be caught in the act? It’s infuriating to see people get away with this time and again, and the GOP seems not to have the will to contest these things sufficiently.

I can’t help thinking: how can anyone believe that Biden supposedly
garnered so many votes when he could hardly get a dozen people to any of his few ‘rallies’, while Trump’s rallies drew large crowds at just about every place he appeared. Where were Biden’s supposed legions of followers hiding all these months? Six or eight people at some of his appearances, and somehow he had millions of invisible supporters voting for him??

That stretches credulity, to say the least.

And then there’s this. But will anybody in authority look into it?

2 thoughts on “What happened?

  1. This was manufactured to get the global government train moving again after a glitch in the matrix in 2016. They’ve literally not stopped trying to unseat him as president for four years. Their moderate/union appealing geriatric puppet Biden was shoved through the Democratic primaries (Harris was unanimously disliked), and the Communist sympathizers in the U.S. government (“deep state”); CIA, FBI, DNC worked with China to unleash a “virus,” that would force Trump to shut down the economy (his biggest talking point of success worthy of mention) and position the western world for the Great Reset, which will include a social credit system, extended welfare benefits and likely a digital currency. The stimulus packages were all a last smash n grab by the banks and corporations to build up their chip count before pulling the plug on the economy and destroying thousands of small businesses through the lockdown and Color Revolution riots for St. Floyd of Fentanylia this summer. Covid allowed them to open up to a majority of mail in ballots. Obviously a situation, considering the division in the country, prone to corruption and fraud. All by design. It’s all total bullshit that was predictable and reason enough to finally give up on muh democracy for good.

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  2. Hi KB. Thanks for summing it all up. It pretty much fits with what I’ve observed and tried to put together. It’s a pretty grim outlook but we have to be realistic. There are some conflicting opinions out there but I think some people are in denial and hoping for an easy solution.
    I think being in prayer is really important now,
    And I agree about our ‘democracy’ – we can’t hang our hopes on that.


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