Avoiding the doom and gloom

It’s very easy to be overcome by the negativity which is so rife now. I am seeing a lot of resignation but we really don’t even have enough information to justify giving up and giving in. This election situation, though it’s glaringly obvious that tampering and fraud on a huge scale is involved, is still far from a full discovery. For the time being we have to assume that there is some hope that this tangle of lies and deception can be unraveled.

The media are so obviously complicit in all this, and they are on a demoralization campaign against us. Realizing how widespread this thing is can be overwhelming but surrender is not the way out of this.

Brett Stevens at the Amerika blog says

If this were a legitimate election, you would not see media censorship of Trump’s remarks. You are seeing thought control; Trump is not the one who has gathered together a clique to pretend that what is real is not real. He is the lone voice telling them that their false reality is both in fact false and dangerous, like most unrealistic things, since the house — the universe, the patterns of nature, the gods, or God — wins in the end.

Brett Stevens, Amerika blog, 6 November, 2020

The over-the-top disrespect for the President, on the part of the controlled media is brazen and disgusting. I never thought my opinion of the ‘mainstream media’ could go lower, but I was wrong; I thoroughly despise the media’s lies and malice. And this is from someone who was not initially a strong supporter of the President. Congratulations to the media whores; they are probably creating more support for President Trump by their open hostility towards the President and towards us, the real American people.

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