They don’t get to decide

The TV networks don’t decide who is the president. They themselves don’t appear to be aware of this fact, much less do some of the people of this country who are falling for a purported bit of “news” which was brazenly announced by the fake news media in the last 24 hours or so.

The media always work hand in hand with the propaganda manufacturers; of course they would. They are part of the same political machine working towards the same end, and that end is not ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’, nor does it involve anything as alien to them as the rule of law or the Constitution or centuries of British Common Law and the Bible, which formed the basis for our legal system previously, and which appears to have been quietly discarded behind our backs. So what’s taking its place? Arbitrary rule; anarcho-tyranny, kakistocracy, call it what you will. We never ‘voted’ for it, and any voting that takes place in this country in future will be a sham, just as last week’s voting was a farce and a sham, unless this present usurpation is treated as the living lie that it is.

Does this mean all is hopeless? I don’t believe that to be true — but I think we must realize that we must not become passive and despairing. If we allow ourselves to believe it’s hopeless, then we are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. I am heartened to see that there are people on our side — the right side — who are maintaining a hopeful or positive attitude.

2 thoughts on “They don’t get to decide

  1. There is always hope. It’s merely easier to find it with further and further strides AWAY from the (((system.)))

    I mean, sure, the vast numbers of idiots with their lunatic political signs are lost and they seem quite numerous… But they’re doing their part to turn folks away that would have otherwise stayed plugged in.

    Since CoVAIDS, homeschool rates have gone up. A lot of school systems are suffering. If the education hydra loses a few heads, in the time they take to grow back I reckon big hurt will have settled on the remaining heads.

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