Social media and free speech

What with all the social media censorship, and with many people (including the President) being subject to that censorship and banning/de-platforming, newer social media promising ‘free speech’ are attracting interest among those of us on the right.

I’ve never been inclined to join any of the social media; I am not much of a ‘joiner’ especially when agreeing to be censored is part of the deal.

Granted, the Internet in A.D. 2020 is not a place where one can reasonably expect to be granted much real freedom of speech or expression. I’ve seen too many instances of people losing their ‘privileges’ on social media, apparently for the most trifling and trivial offenses. Yet when a social media participant is cast into the outer darkness by those who wield the ban-hammer, it is always left vague as to why the offender is suddenly an outcast.

Why are the terms of service always left mysterious and vague? The legalese in the TOS always says something about the user being subject to banning for any reason; it’s arbitrary and they never spell out the specific ‘offense’. This kind of totalitarian attitude does not entice me to want to join.

I briefly considered joining what is considered a ‘right-wing version of Twitter’ but now that I see them engaging in the same practices as Twitter and its imitators I thought better of it. And I am not good at writing ”terse” statements so it’s probably for the best.

I still can’t help speculating: what is the most common excuse ‘reason’ for banning users on these social media? When I think about it I come up with the conclusion that it must involve political incorrectness relating to HBD/Ethnicity. It seems the most likely to me, because it seems that our crazy society thinks that our ideas about those issues determine our basic character, our actual worth as human beings. Whoever has non-PC ideas about those things is determined by the self-appointed judges to be the dregs of society, someone who does not deserve, who has no right to be allowed to speak freely and honestly, even if he speaks factually and truly. Only those willing and able to walk the tightrope, carefully speaking in the politically correct cant of the day are allowed to participate in online discussions or conversations in ‘real life.’

Speaking truths about those issues (HBD, IQ, ethnicity) above all has probably been THE reason given for most bans, and the charge of committing the unforgivable ‘sin’.

Just my guess, based on what I’ve observed.

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