I see that a national magazine has a cover featuring a ‘President-elect.’ The magazine in question might want to consult a dictionary for a definition of the title ‘President-elect‘ lest they embarrass themselves further.

It does not mean ‘a former candidate who has been chosen by the news media as the media’s own choice‘. I did check the definition myself, and according to this source, at least by the last definition, it means what it has always meant:

President-elect (ProperNoun)

Strictly, the person elected President of the United States between the time of election by the Electoral College and installation in office.


I like how they begin the definition with the word ‘strictly‘. Actually I prefer the ‘strict’ definition of a word or phrase in most cases; at least then there is a nod to standards and tradition and correctness, rather than the careless, “whatever” approach to word-meanings.

So a “President-elect’ means one who has been elected via the Electoral College, but who is awaiting his inauguration. There is no such person as of this writing. The Electoral College will not meet until January, 2021, to cast their duly-allotted votes. Then there will be a ‘President-Elect’ who will be sworn into office later that month. But not until then. And until then the media should stop misleading the public by implying that we have a ‘President-Elect at this moment.

But then they know what they are doing, don’t they.

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  1. Orthospherean, Dr. Bertonneau, wrote a brilliant summary of what leftism is when you boil it all down about two years ago in a comment thread as I recall. I’m not going to put words in his mouth, but essentially what he said was that leftism is a war against authority and anything derived from authority. So “strict” definitions mean literally nothing to a leftist, in the same way that correct punctuation in writing means literally nothing to a leftist. Additonally, they’re only embarrassing themselves with people who hold to standards. They remind of silly middle aged women going through their “second childhood.”

    Years ago when I was probably no older than 20, a 40ish woman I knew dressed herself up like a teenager, came into the room where I and another young man were at, twirled around and said, “so, how do y’all like my new outfit?” To which my friend was rendered speechless, but to which I answered, “you look like a French whore to me.” Which I probably shouldn’t have said in hindsight, but it was true and I tended to say what was on my mind back then. Her reaction, though, was the kicker; she was not embarrassed or offended in the least by my insult; indeed, she took it as a compliment. So much for “brutal honesty,” right?

    I’ll see if I can dig up Dr. Bertonneau’s comment mentioned above.

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  2. Hi Terry. Good to see you here.
    I agree with the idea that leftists are in perpetual rebellion against authority. It’s funny I was recently discussing that with someone, and we came up with a very similar conclusion, except that we named ‘male authority’ as the target of their resentment and rebellion. Male authority could include not only ‘daddy issues’ but rebellion against God himself I suppose.
    Yes I’d like to see Dr. Bertonneau’s comment if you can find it. I used to look in on his blog now and then.


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