Has anyone out there had a change of opinion about the ‘Q’ movement? Following the events of election day and the immediate aftermath — when it then appeared that the ‘Q’ plan was not a con job as the skeptics liked to say — I had to admit I had been on the verge of dismissing it as just that. I was not convinced at first.

I usually keep an open mind about the unknown. I admit I generally dislike and distrust anybody whose habitual attitude is scoffing and dismissing anything new or unusual out-of-hand. I just think it’s a bad way to go through life, being a habitual naysayer. Why? Because those who deny everything that is new or outside their (usually limited) experience are really implying superior knowledge, even of things never before experienced in their lives. There’s such a thing as a healthy skepticism but if we are not open to something new or outside our previous experience, then we never learn anything.

Obviously if ‘Q’ was instrumental in exposing the staggering amount of fraud in our electoral system, it was not ESP or clairvoyance but just insider information coupled with shrewdness doggedness, and savvy. And if they made this possible, they deserve credit.

The GovernMedia informed us in one of their hit-pieces about Q that there are no conspiracies, or if there are, it’s because the Q people “weave conspiracies” and that’s why the media hacks created their little crusade to censor the news and the online commentary, so that ”fake news” as they call it can be expunged from public view.

But the conspiracy (and yes, there was one, involving the media operatives as well as a huge chunk of the political class)to overturn the will of the people as expressed at the polls could have succeeded. Thank goodness there were vigilant people to thwart the lawless actions of the political hacks and their media partner-deceivers.

So now, will the brazen media (still not ashamed to show their faces in public, as they rightfully should be) still going on slandering the Q people as ‘dangerous’ and ‘potentially violent’ or as mentally unstable? Yes, they are. They have no shame. How would it feel to make one’s living by lying, calumny, misleading the whole population? What honorable person would choose to do that?

I can’t help feeling bad for the Q people; most seem like they are genuinely patriotic in the sense of caring about their country and people. I know that the cynics out there — and it’s ”in” with some people to be cynical and anti-patriotic — don’t like patriotism or kin-feeling or any old-fashioned sentiments.

So, recently on some of the streaming channels for Q people, they are being besieged by aggressive trolls who at times swarm the channels and bring a lot of disruption and strife. Who are these trolls and operatives? Most likely they are ‘assigned’ there by the antifa or their counterparts. They have bullying tactics and at times they are using some kind of gaslighting tactics, telling the Q people that they are ‘mentally ill’ and a ‘cult’ in need of deprogramming. Nobody should have the right to browbeat and disturb people who are doing nothing to deserve this. And it appears that ‘moderators’ do little to stop it, even when it is disrupting their own discussions and activities.

Or do these harassing trolls represent some group or some official body? They seem to have an attitude that indicates authority or perhaps they are trained to act this way.

Lots of Americans seem to dislike groups like the Q followers and see it as a point of pride to ridicule groups like that; the feeling is that one is proven ‘smarter’ by avoiding ‘alternative’ or offbeat opinions. Yet those of us who are ‘dissident’ or whatever the PTB call us, are also outsiders in most ways — not that we’ve necessarily chosen it, but because society decides we aren’t mainstream or ‘normal’, and because “society” has drawn a circle that shuts us out because of our attitudes or opinions. The actual situation is that ‘mainstream’ society has moved far to the left, unable or unwilling to see that they are outside the long-prevailing norms of America. They are the ones who moved the boundaries and walked — or ran — away from old America.

We know that the powers-that-be discussed using the internet (and other such means) to ‘combat conspiracy theories’ and a plan discussed was to send in disruptive operatives to argue (read: gaslight, because that’s what they do) and browbeat and to try to put enough pressure on the recalcitrant ones so that they change their unacceptable views.

So now the right are on the outside, but it’s the only legitimate place to be, while the rest of America is closer to the malevolent left; they just can’t admit it.

For now I think those who can repudiate the left fully should do so, and make common cause with those who still hold to the right way. And I think, despite some small differences, the Q folk are more on our side than not, and they don’t deserve to be made an example of and left out there as targets, as the left are trying to do to them.

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