Have the media gone mad?

I noticed yesterday, after having avoided reading much of the ”news” online, that the news in the ”mainstream” propaganda news sources were full of bald statements that Trump was now irrelevant, having lost the election, and that Biden would now be President, having somehow won.

It seems to me that the media people have dropped any pretense of being (as Fox News used to say) “fair and balanced” and are now not even bothering to pretend, They’ve simply decided to show their true colors as far-left. They are not reporters or honest news ‘analysts’ and much less are they ‘pundits’, which implies they possess wisdom or learning. But they seem to think their job is to tell us plebeians how to vote, what to think, how to live.

But when The Hill offers up something like this bizarre and ignorant screed:

Prediction: Trump will resign, Pence will pardon him

what are we to think? The Hill used to be a sort of ordinary newspaper; I never came across a bizarre piece like the linked piece in the past; I never thought of it as a satirical ‘newspaper’ or a parody, but please tell me this is not serious.

The writer speaks of Trump being ‘pardoned’ by Vice President Pence. Pardoned for what? For some imaginary offense dreamed up by his sworn enemies in the media, or have the unhinged leftist rioters and vandals and election-fraudsters been given power to judge the rest of us?

The piece I link to here is just one example, but it seems that the Left are addled people who think they can insist on their own version of ‘reality’.

Reading many of the pieces about the election, especially that absurd bit of gaslighting in which Mr. Biden has somehow been made “President-elect Biden”, there is a surreal feeling. Are we in the Twilight Zone, where there is no normal reality in which to anchor oneself? A reality where what is true or factual is completely at the whim of the fanatics and reality-deniers of the Left?

I am really serious about this; it seems as if those whose religion is leftism have lost their moorings completely, and as they refuse to acknowledge basic reality, how can we communicate with them, or understand them? It’s clear they don’t intend to acknowledge reality as the rest of us do. And it isn’t just the hard-core left, but it seems that increasingly people don’t even comprehend facts, solid evidence or proof when discussing or arguing with normal people. Facts are irrelevant to them; they refuse to examine facts, and prefer to speak in inflammatory and contrary (in the old-fashioned sense) rhetoric. They will insist that up is down, black is white, bitter is sweet, day is night — and that evil is good.

They never discuss anything in good faith. I suppose those last two words are words that are beyond their understanding.

The media, who are supposed to keep us informed of current events and important facts, are deliberately refusing to do that, choosing to distort and mislead and deceive people in the name of their godforsaken ‘agenda’ and ‘narrative’ (read: pack of lies).

The media and their collaborators in high places work together, and often people on the right say that the media are not responsible because they are just following orders; we should only criticize those who give the orders. But who are they? They keep themselves hidden; we don’t know who exactly they are. The fact that they keep out of public view says something about them. If there is nothing to conceal, why hide?

As a result of the media dereliction and the corruption of our ‘news sources’, our politicians, and every institution of any note, our people are kept in the dark, with so many unable to see what is happening, unaware that they and their offspring are being misled, kept in a state of distraction or unawareness. Our country, our folk, our way of life are being changed against our will — or being slowly destroyed while the people wonder why things keep getting worse.

And how is it that the media are so easily able to sweep major scandals and crises under the rug, while the public seems unable to see what is in plain sight? Why was it so easy to make a major scandal disappear so effectively?

As long as these deceivers and manipulators are able to work their will on a distractible populace I don’t see how we can hope for things to get better. And the idea that unelected, self-designated ‘experts’ or ‘pundits’ or New York Times employees can choose our Presidents (or ‘Presidents-elect’) is just an outrage. Biden has not been duly elected and he is neither President nor ‘President-elect’, despite what The Hill or any other rag proclaims.

2 thoughts on “Have the media gone mad?

  1. Bloody miserable, is what it is. I have little doubt this is engineered to further ameliorate any sense of connectivity left amid the Hoi Polloi. I have noted that former lukewarm right-leaning “independent” Americans are towing a line that Biden is not going to make America great, but somehow unify America.

    Unify how? I ask them. Shall we be a unified business model full of trans, gays and assorted Negros whose pronouns I couldn’t care less about? Unity has always come by force, and with the CoVAIDS, I see folk*begging* to willingly give up the last of their illusions of freedom in the name of security. Insert apropos Ben Franklin quote here_ _ _ _ _.

    On the bright side, I think the further we see this rot go, the more of us will crawl out of the woodwork with less and less to lose. Maybe we can live to see balkanisation, a free New England (amid other historically unique regions.) I used to think it was impossible, but I’m starting to think there may yet be opportunities in this increasingly and obviously degenerate mess.


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