Journalistic ‘standards’ or lack thereof

Whatever happened to the concept of journalistic standards, such as objectivity, or plain old honesty? They seem to have gone out the window, and there is no shame or conscience on the part of many of these journos, at least none to which they will admit in public. It seems to be de rigueur to lie repeatedly and unashamedly.

Maybe it’s a nitpicky complaint, but I am glad that The Justice Team at Twitter has seen fit to address that ‘President-elect Biden’ nonsense. They posted a letter from Congress stating the facts about usage of that title.

“In case you’re confused…. CONGRESS made an official statement THERE IS NO PRESIDENT ELECT AS OF NOW! Which means JOE BIDEN, is falsely claiming to be president elect. The MEDIA, is falsely confirming a president elect.”

The Justice Team on Twitter, referencing letter from U.S. Congress, 10 Nov 2020

I suppose we live in an age in which most people don’t have any regard for observing rules, traditions, standards, etiquette — it belongs to the dead old days, who cares? Well, some of us do. It does matter. We don’t just make up our rules as we go along.

But the media people like to make up their ‘truths’ as they go along, especially anything they decide is ‘true’ about Donald Trump, and just about everything they say in the media about him is malicious and untrue. Notice how in these articles about the disputed election, they always use the terms ‘baseless‘ or ‘unfounded claims’? I’ve seen those words time and again; they must be following some kind of template which requires them to use that insulting verbiage when the subject of the piece is Trump — or any right-wing politician. Not exactly subtle, is it?

Once upon a time, journalists were taught to use more neutral or objective language, unless they were writing an op-ed piece which is opinion not simple reporting of facts. Facts? Hardly any journalists bother with facts or objectivity today. But that’s true of the people in general, at least in the United States, I’m sorry to say.

I have to give credit to Howard Rotberg for writing a piece pointing out the problem of journalistic standards in this highly polarized age. He draws attention to the very things that have caused me to shun most of the media. At least there seems to be one honest journalist. I am not familiar with his work but I came across it on The Iconoclast.

One thought on “Journalistic ‘standards’ or lack thereof

  1. I’ve seen those words time and again; they must be following some kind of template which requires them to use that insulting verbiage when the subject of the piece is Trump…

    The people who write the script (or the template for the script, as you call it) know exactly what they’re doing; they know that, in the words of William James, “there is nothing so absurd that if you repeat [a thing] often enough, people will believe it.” I had occasion earlier today to point out that a single photo (of “whipped Peter”) in 1860 was enough to gin up broad support in the north to invade the south and murder their countrymen. A person or persons in possession of their faculties could look at that photo (then or now) and immediately draw the conclusion that “whipped Peter” was more than likely a very bad man; that, were he alive today, he would be an inmate in solitary confinement in one of America’s “super max” prisons, slingling feces on guards anytime they got remotely near his cell. And yet.

    I have also had occasion recently to remind everyone of General Washington’s immortal words from his farewell address:

    Let is simply be asked, where is the security for life, for liberty, for property, when the sense of religious obligation deserts the oaths, which are the instruments of investigation in the courts of justice?

    The answer is of course obvious, and the quote speaks for itself.


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