So the ‘reset’ is real, according to Trudeau?

Trudeau’s words seem to confirm the so-called ‘Great Reset’, if Trudeau’s speech is factual. A lot of people have heard talk of this but not many are sure of what exactly was meant by the terminology. A lot of people dismissed it as rumor. Judge for yourself.

If this link is no longer good then try this link.

This UN plan seems to pertain to all of us, not just to our Canadian neighbors.

“Leader of Canada admitting that COVID is an excuse to institute a new global economic order.

The “reset” and “build back better”.”

via Spencer Fernando website, 15 Nov 2020

I may be on thin ice to bring this topic up, because in some quarters the topic is not discussed; too controversial. But for what it’s worth, here it is and it is important. One could say it may not be true — and some are saying that, but why then are Trudeau and other leaders talking about it if it is just a rumor?

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