An interesting blog piece

I just read a piece at The Orthosphere; it’s titled The Morlock Question. I must admit it gave me something to think about, and it’s rather a different take on H.G. Wells’ ‘Morlocks’. Having read it I suppose I am in the same category with those fictional characters, being one of the ‘dispossessed’ and deplorable. I recommend reading it.

One thought on “An interesting blog piece

  1. That is indeed a good article. And written by one of my favorite writers on the Dissident Right, Prof. JMSmith. One reason prof. Smith is one of my favorites is because he happens to be one of the Dissident Right’s most intrepid writers as well. He has a lot to lose, yet he soldiers on. That is of course one mark of true character.

    Speaking of articles that’ll make you think, have a look at this one by the same writer this past August:


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