What do they believe?

The most recent post by fellow blogger Cambria Will Not Yield is, like all his posts, very much worth reading. But this latest one was especially so, from my point of view. In that post, he writes of his experience attending a political rally for Trump recently. As he explains, he does not customarily attend events like that but one of his purposes was to learn about the Trump followers who attended the rally. He wanted to know, inter alia, whether the Trump faithful displayed any ‘counterrevolutionary spirit.’

I understand his wanting to know this about the Trump supporters. I had a similar wish to learn whether the ‘Q’ followers (who are the most devout of Trump supporters) had that kind of spirit, because the current ethical stance is to be politically correct. To fail to conform to the current orthodoxy on ethnicity and HBD is to be a heretic and a very bad person. What I learned about the maligned ‘Q’ followers is that they are mostly very nice people, who believe that ‘Dems are the Real Racists’, so they feel compelled to overcompensate when it comes to their antiracist bona fides. It sounds as though there are similar pressures at work amongst the average Trump supporters, especially as Trump, along with the ‘Q’ team, emphasize inclusion, equality/’colorblindness’, nonviolence, and ‘unity’ in the context of diversity — which is a little self-contradictory.

Despite these conflicting wishful-thinking ideas held by the Q folk, it seems they are well-meaning people, apparently like most Trump followers. It’s ironic that the lying media have done so much to create a bad stereotype of the Right as being ‘haters’ and ‘racists’, especially given that there has been little violence on the part of the Right, especially those who are Trump voters.

But to return to CWNY’s post and his need to learn about the motivations or character of the Trump loyalists:

“I wanted to see if there was any counterrevolutionary sentiment among the Trump supporters. There was none. Possibly in the MAGA rally in Washington DC I would have found someone who was willing to think counterrevolution instead of ‘wait till next time,’ but I doubt it. The white Trump supporters, like Trump himself, are supporters of a fusion of Christianity and liberalism. They have more of a Christian ethos than the mad-dog liberals, but they still believe in demon-cracy and reject the older Christian cultures of the European nations. Half-liberal and half-Christian will not prevail against the internal demonism of the liberals. Four more years of Trump will give us a President who opposes communism, who opposes the anti-white instruction in our military and civil service agencies, and who opposes the wholesale slaughter of the unborn. But you can’t have just a little bit of liberalism.”

I found the same kind of sentiment amongst the Q followers. Most of them are Christians who seem quite sincere and even devout. Many seem quite Biblically knowledgeable — but yet some of the ideas they absorb through the Q teachings come into conflict with Biblical principles: for example, the idea of near-pacifism (which is not Biblically-based), and the idea taught by the Q team that there must be ‘unity’ and ‘colorblindness’ with absolute equality; no leaders, nobody ‘above’ anyone else. In other words they’ve taken in a lot of the “liberal” worldview, and they seem to have accepted the idea that we should “trust human nature” which they’ve been told is ‘basically good.’ Genesis 3 contradicts the Q idea of a benign human nature. Life itself contradicts that trusting idea. Not to say, of course, that all people are equally bad, but trusting human nature is not a Biblical idea, and yet it’s what most people believe, thanks to liberalism. The average Q follower or Trump supporter or Republican likely believes the ‘human nature good’ trope.

But events in the world today should give people a clue that the ‘benign human nature’ theory conflicts with what we see going on today.

I think that too many Americans are like lambs to the slaughter today because they wish to see only good in most other people, but the world is not as it was when many of us grew up.

I am with CWNY; we need Pietas in this world but we should not be pollyannas who think everyone is our friend, nor should we imagine we can ‘unite’ with everyone, regardless of glaring differences.

It makes me sad to see that many of these very nice people choose niceness over self-protection, because of their underlying liberal beliefs. Most Americans, even those who consider themselves ‘right-wing’ and realistic, are aware of how very liberal many of their attitudes are. And much of this is due to the loss of Christian principles and ways of behaving, replaced by the ‘therapeutic’ dogma as taught by pop psychologists and faux-philosophers. ‘New Age’ thinking is widely taught by the varied TV personalities (Oprah et al) and New Age ‘sages’ popular with the young and the religious faddists. CWNY is right; once we abandoned the Faith of our Fathers we are in uncharted territory, where we don’t just believe in nothing, we believe in anything, as Chesterton said.

Incidentally I hope you will read CWNY’s piece in its entirety, if you haven’t yet.

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