Defending our heritage

There is a crying need for a blog which is pro-South, written by and for non-scholarly Southern readers. When I specify ”non-scholarly”, I am not disparaging the intelligence of Southern readers, nor am I denying the value of the academic, history-oriented blogs dealing with the South. I link to a couple of such blogs in my sidebar.

However there’s a need for a blog where history and current events can be discussed, and there needs to be an effort to maintain a high standard of civility in discourse without being academic.

The Southern-oriented blogs I do know of, which still exist, are plagued by antagonistic people from the North who really hate the South and want to harp on what they see as the blame incurred by Southrons for ”starting” the War Between the States. The level of discourse is very low, with much profanity and uncivil comments. There is constant anti-Anglo, WASP-baiting-and-blaming going on. For a time, on one such blog, most of the commenters seemed to be not only non-Southrons but non-Americans. Who is meant to be served by a blog like that, which is not South-friendly and where the South-haters, and Anglophobes dominate? I mean, after all, the South is mostly Anglo — or was.

Another South-oriented blog I know of seemed to hold some promise of being a viable pro-South blog where things could be discussed in a civilized way, on topic, and minus the trollish non-Southrons and Anglophobes. But that ‘promising’ new blog turned out to attract the ‘identitarianism’ of the jaded French academic set? If I tried to find a people who had the least in common with Southrons, it would likely be the French. Nothing against the French but they have little in common with us in terms of their worldview. (Cajuns excepted. They are good, unpretentious people, American and Southron while being French by ancestry — but usually never the twain shall meet.)

Generally when I have written pieces on Southern history, they attract no comment. Whether that indicates a general lack of interest or whether my writings just don’t resonate with my audience — (most of whom are unidentified to me) — is a question mark. In any case, bloggers are being given less latitude to write on these sensitive subjects like the North-South divide, Southern history, etc., so I might not be blogging much longer. So all this may be moot.

But as we have to ”work while it is day” I feel an urge to try to write while I still can. Even if few people are interested, if just one person finds anything I write to be of benefit then I will write, until we politically incorrect people are shut down, even as the media echo chamber continues, being like Pravda and Izvestia, the only game in town.

Somehow I find it unbearable when the only ‘facts’ being taught come from the averse-to-truth media or the uninformed random commenters, spouting half-truths and slanders on the internet. It’s painfully evident that quite a few people who dominate the relevant comment sections are clueless or that they are shills, operatives and the like, sent to misinform or dis-inform. Some simply have a personal axe to grind. This is true everywhere, but when it comes to the South there is a burning anger which I never saw until the last couple of decades. This, in part, is because there are generations who never heard any truth, only anti-South propaganda on the part of far-left ”teachers” who themselves are ignorant, and filled with Politically Correct indignation and self-righteousness. So the younger generations are imbued with PC and Cultural Marxism, and lack knowledge on the South as well as on HBD. That’s the perfect recipe for producing anti-Southron prigs and do-gooders.

And whatever happened to the ‘Southern Gentleman’? I know of one older Southern gentleman who blogged, but I don’t know if he is still participating. Maybe that generation, his generation, was the last of the Gentlemanly south. But there was, for much of the last century, a sort of truce regarding the North-South history. But that suddenly stopped. Why?

And why, I wondered, do so many people who hate the South frequent that one blog, creating a toxic and depressing atmosphere? They also repeat frequently the canards and slanders against the South. Example: there are more mixed people in the South because the Southern ”slave-masters” — let me be delicate in saying it — “had their way” with all the slave women. And nobody ever counters this slander.

In point of fact, there were/are more mixed people outside the South. There are census records showing this, and the numbers are not even close.

Then the South-haters use what they think is a devastating witticism about slavery saying ”your ancestors shoulda picked their own d__n cotton!” I’ve addressed that.

News Flash: Northerners bought and sold slaves. My New England ancestors owned slaves. The Salem Witch trials also had, at the center of the story, an African slave named Tituba. So Northerners also owned slaves, but they sold theirs when the War approached. It was not just Southrons who owned slaves.

But rarely does anyone mention that salient fact.

Why are Southrons so unwilling to fire back some answers when the South-haters start this nonsense? Why is there so little ethnocentrism and kinist instinct with Southrons today? Why can’t both Southron and Yankee agree that we are under siege from those outside the fold, and that there is no value in fighting amongst ourselves over the long-ago slavery issue — a ”sin” of which both sides partook? If it is a sin then both sides are guilty. No use pointing the finger of accusation only at the South.

And it isn’t just those semi-mythical ‘evil New England Yankees’.

Maybe I should start a blog about Southern issues, but it would be just one more unpopular blog, and de-platforming looms as a possibility for all of us who blog any truth. Even a link gets you banned on Twitter.

What a time to live in, when truth is near to being outlawed, but then the truth is unpopular with all sides in this 21st century…

2 thoughts on “Defending our heritage

  1. BTW, I notice you don’t have Identity Dixie on your blogroll, nor Dissident Mama. These are two sites you should at least consider adding and making a contribution at, after you’ve looked them over of course.

    Also, it’s not that we’re (some of us, anyway) unwilling to fire back challenges at anti-Southron screeds; it is that the incivility (and the absence of will by the blog owners to control it in any appreciable way), the crassness of many of the commenters – women using the most vile language and expressions you can imagine – and so on eventually drives us away. Some sooner, some later, but most all of us in due course. This is what I meant when I said stay away from Occidental Dissent and the like. …


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