Is Macron sincere?

In a recent post I alluded to the European identitarian movement, specifically its French incarnation. I admit my reference to that movement was skeptical if not exactly hostile.

However, after reading about Emmanuel Macron‘s recent statements, and his party La République En Marche, I see a possibility that I underestimated Macron and his compatriots of that party. Is Macron merely posturing, trying to take advantage of recent events in France, such as the murder of Samuel Paty — who, according to the linked article, was killed by a man who is described as a ‘Salafist fanatic.’

Among other things, Macron and his party have recently tried to pass legislation that is considered ‘populist’ and decidedly not liberal; Macron has also come out against ‘Critical Race Theory’ (also recently denounced by President Trump), which is taught in the French schools as part of the ‘social sciences’. Macron and his education minister, as well as a number of other academics have said that Critical Race Theory is anti-White, and this of course has caused a stir in the usual circles.

It’s possible that this is all just politics, but it could be that Macron has had some kind of epiphany. It is hard to believe that any thinking person could fail to see that yes, Critical Race Theory, whatever the name given to it, and regardless of how it is presented, is a belief system which is intrinsically anti-White, blaming European-descended people, with them as the designated scapegoats for the problems of other peoples. Has Macron violated a taboo by merely mentioning it, and the obviously invidious nature of CRT? The truth is the truth, and there is a very heavy-handed effort which has all but made it a crime to speak certain truths.

Here’s hoping that this will be a step toward making the truth more ‘respectable’. And here’s hoping that this is not just a political ploy on the part of Macron et al.

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