Social media overstepping bounds

It’s disgraceful, in my opinion, that the social media brazenly impugn the President’s character in this way — implying that the President is lying or imagining things because he points out the obvious electoral fraud. It’s now OK to call the President a ‘liar’ by saying his claims are ”disputed.” And I’ve noticed that on the ‘tickers’ or banner headlines they run on various channels at the bottom of the the screen that each and every day there are quotes supposedly from politicians or ‘celebrities’ saying outrageous things about the President — accusing him not only of lying or ‘misinforming’, but they’ve also called him a ‘murderer’ and various other shocking things. Those celebrities are an example of someone truly making ”baseless” claims.

The social media are beyond disgusting; I don’t know why anybody has any truck with them. They do serve the function of being a barometer showing how far our society has deteriorated. More and more, ours looks like a society that has little civility and respect for anyone, not even for the highest office (and its occupant) in our land.

The media — the ‘social’ media as well as the people called ‘journalists’ are the worst offenders, especially when some of the scribblers actually browbeat the President in public, berating him and talking to him as one would to a lowly servant or something — under the guise of ”interviewing’ him. Meekness is a virtue and maybe the President is trying to show that he isn’t the monster the crazy left has tried to make him out to be. And maybe the President is trying to be an exemplar of patience, contrasted to the uncivil journalists and various other riff-raff with whom he has to deal.

I really had hoped that the ‘social media.’, with their overreach and heavy-handed censorship, would be reined in, but for the moment this electoral fraud (which, by the way, contra Twitter, is not disputed — at least by sane, realistic people) is taking up so much time and energy to unravel. And by the way, how much has this whole investigation cost the taxpayers? Far too much, and will any of the guilty parties foot the bill? Will any of the miscreants who worked so hard to steal an election be accountable?

If this situation is not making people’s blood boil, ponder the fact that apparently so many people were involved and complicit in this election-fixing; people who seemed trustworthy. When trust disappears from a society that’s a real problem.

The media have been furiously stirring up a frenzy of loathing directed at Trump and those close to him. In my lifetime I’ve never seen the like, and it’s coming from an out-of-control Democrat party as well as from the malevolent media hacks who obviously are reading from a script — for example their compulsive repetition of the word ”baseless” whenever they describe the President’s assertions about the obvious fraud. If they are not busy calling the President a liar with words like that, they simply cover up anything that does not fit with their insane ‘narrative’, such as the infamous laptop which suddenly seems not to exist.

“He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.” – Thomas Aquinas

“The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn’t angry enough.” – Bede Jarrett

2 thoughts on “Social media overstepping bounds

  1. I think they are all so angry because he is one from their own milieu, their own cultural tribe, yet he has chosen the path of love and honor for G-d and country. The demonization is baffling to me.


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