If their rights are in danger…

I’ve made no secret of my opinion of the controlled media and their habit of using their considerable power to aim hit pieces at those they’ve targeted as enemies, meaning anyone who does not follow, sheep-like, the ‘controlled and controlling media’. So it is very gratifying to see that Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab.com, has written a response to the people at Business Insider, who asked for a statement from him regarding the ‘Q’ movement.

In my opinion the media have done considerable (and undeserved) harm to that group of people by printing some pretty brazen pieces, which must rightfully be called hit pieces. The ‘news reporter’ who wrote to Andrew Torba for a statement about Q made no effort to conceal her disdain and dislike of the Q folk, although I suspect she has never met any of them nor read what they have to say. For instance, in her note to Mr. Torba she refers to Q’s ‘conspiracy theories‘ and ‘fictitious stories.’ Just another way of calling them liars — very much similar to the media’s treatment of President Trump. For instance, their repeated phrases like: ‘baseless claims.’

Some of this open animus is the result of the left’s loathing for ‘right-wing’ people, and the Q folk are mostly right-leaning. And many of them are openly Christian, to which the left reacts as Dracula reacts to a cross.

When these negative articles about Q appear, few non-Q people want to defend them, though they are more on ‘our’ side than not. Still, the people who’ve read the bad press that Q receives want to distance themselves; funny how even people who see the naked bias of the media will believe the same media when they need to for some reason. People have absorbed much of the odd notion that ‘conspiracy theories’ are insane or stupid, per se. Conspiracies exist. They never went out of fashion. They happen. They have affected history. The scoffers never explain why they dismiss conspiracies out-of-hand, and yet the media have all but banned any talk of such things because it’s “crazy”. Still the media-masters spin their own conspiracy theories, though they want to silence the average citizen’s mention of a conspiracy, even a historically-proven one.

So Q are maligned for being ‘conspiracy theorists’. Funny; I remember Hillary Clinton asserting there was a ”vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband. That’s just one example. One might also say that the gaslighting media are looking to deprive the Q followers of their platforms, as recently they’ve been driven from pillar to post, being de-platformed from various channels on streaming media. Coincidence, I guess. I think that if we value the right to free speech they should not be repeatedly de-platformed. If we don’t care about the media’s hatchet job on Q people, thinking they are not ‘us’, then we endanger our own liberties.

Andrew Torba, in replying to this reporterette, writes a response, a rather detailed one in which he makes this statement:

“Ultimately what the anti-Christian legacy press and the wicked oligarchs in power fear the most is Christians coordinating and unifying on the internet. When this happens they know that their evil will be exposed and their names will be named outside of the oligarch-controlled media and technology echo chambers.”

Andrew Torba, CEO, Gab.com, 30 Nov 2020

It goes without saying that the Usual Suspects on the left are angry with Andrew Torba, and writing their predictable drivel. However I think he deserves considerable credit for the way in which he handled this. All respect to him.

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