More ‘monoliths’

From Russia Today — which source I don’t really like — a story about another “monolith’ found in California. Acccording to the rather silly account of the incident, the monolith (in reality a metal structure, not stone) was, per the article, destroyed by a group of young men, said to be ‘groypers’, who chanted ”America First!” while removing the monolith.

”Its stay atop Pine Mountain was apparently short-lived. On Wednesday night, a group of young men rocked the monolith back and forth to dislodge it, chanting “Christ is king” before it came toppling down, and “America First” after it crashed to the ground. The group live-streamed their ‘raid’ on streaming platform DLive.”

Russia Today, 3 Dec 2020

This RT article seemed to attract some blatant anti-Christian comments. When comments everywhere online seem to be international, it’s hard to distinguish the nationalities of commenters, but is Russia still atheistic and anti-Christian at heart? I have my own experience to go by and I am not convinced that Russia is Christianized as the Russophiles or the media say. But then our country has lost much of our religion in recent decades.

As for the ‘groypers’, I suppose the term is not well-known enough to attract very much negative reaction from the RT readers. But since these young men were said to have shouted ‘America First!’ and ‘Christ is King!’ that’s enough to flush out whoever opposes Christianity.

And the ‘monoliths’? I somehow doubt they have an extraterrestrial origin like the monoliths in ‘2001’ However, assuming they are being made and put in place in various places, namely Utah, Romania, and California (so far) there must be some kind of coordination or group doing it — for what reason? Anybody’s guess.

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