Protesters vs. Counter-protesters in Washington State

Antifas vs. counter-protesters, with the Antifas getting routed, by all appearances. Videos at the link.

We tend to think of the Northwest as being Leftist territory, but this clash took place in Olympia, the Washington State capitol. I suppose this hints that the big cities in the Northwest, like Portland and Seattle, are not necessarily typical of the state as a whole.

Take a look at the videos. I don’t know how many readers or visitors I have in other countries, though my stats indicate I have some in various Anglosphere countries, but I know that a lot of people outside this country don’t get good news reports about what goes on in the U.S. Our ‘mainstream’ news media are not much better but this story is reported by Ian Macdonald of MediaRight, who does a good job.

2 thoughts on “Protesters vs. Counter-protesters in Washington State

  1. Glad our side fought back! I thought it was funny when the one Antifa denied being a commie and our response was I don’t care. You’re all the same.


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