Precarious freedoms

This does not bode well for Freedom of Speech, and for the state of the “news media” in these United States.

YouTube has announced that they will not allow any content about election fraud on their platform. We’ve already seen heavy censorship of stories regarding a certain ‘political’ family who were obviously being protected from bad publicity at a crucial time, just before the most controversial election of our time.

And what about the ongoing court case involving that forbidden issue? The Texas case? The media masters may not allow us to discuss it online.

You can bet that all the ‘Big Tech’ companies will join with YouTube so as to protect the public from any “misinformation, rumor mongering, conspiracy theories’, and we need to be shielded from reality so as not to be harmed by all the bad right-wing ideas that have tainted so many of us.

The Big Tech companies always march in lock-step; whatever one does the others fall in line with.

And what about the media’s handling (read: ‘hiding’) the laptop story? Now they have the brazenness to more or less corroborate the story they spiked, and for which they banned discussion? Still, they continue to hide the more sensational elements and deal only with the tax issues.

During that brouhaha, the Big Tech companies all joined in to enforce a sort of gag order on everyone. If you tweeted or commented on the taboo story you risked being de-platformed, banned, etc.

Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne…

Free speech? Oh yes, it still exists; we know that because a certain legislator in California was allowed her free speech — free to issue threats toward anyone in the general public who had the gall to vote for the opposite political party. It’s a little unsettling, to say the least, to see and hear elected ‘representatives’, who we usually assume to be civilized, telling us, in ”warning” remarks, that ‘we’, the unseen enemy in this woman’s mind, to ”walk lightly”…“Enough is enough and for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay…”

One standard for some, in which they have free rein to issue threats, possibly against people’s lives, as their words imply, and a gag order for the rest of us. We are not only silenced on important issues but we will be denied the right to know what is happening in ‘our’ country as the news is to be heavy-handedly censored.

Many of us come from a long, long line of free people, people who fourght for and enjoyed basic liberties and rights — those rights being imparted by God, and ‘inalienable.’ For some of us, it’s in our blood not only to love freedom (including Christian freedom, having nothing to do with license) but to require the rights of free human beings. I think we are soon to find out who loves freedom and who will be content with subjugation…

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