Change and decline: our fault, or the world’s?

In the aftermath of the recent débâcle in the highest court in the land, it seems our judicial system is in need of some examination, and some would say our entire political system could use some re-thinking.

That, however, may be for another day as we try to digest these events that are now being pondered.

Today there is a piece by Edwin Dyga at the blog Musings of a Pertinacious Papist,
It’s titled “Why Conservative Justices Run Interference for Liberal Causes“. Well might we ask; it seems to be a chronic problem in our time.

The article is under copyright so I can’t quote from it, but I will recommend reading the whole piece at the link. It isn’t necessary to be a Catholic to profit from the article’s viewpoint.

The writer (who is Australian, apparently) notes how scholars often place the blame for the problems in in both the Australian and American judicial systems with the founders in both countries. The problem was mostly said to be due to the government being too lax in choosing judges. I think that the situation here is also blamed on lack of care in choosing, especially is this evident when looking at the last round of Supreme Court appointments. It seems, though, that the younger generations want to blame their elders and predecessors for the unhappy results of the choices made, but what if the problem is, as the writer of the piece suggests, the lack of care in maintaining and preserving the integrity of the institutions? Over time there seems to have been a decline in that area; it seems as times passes, the younger generations no longer hold to the same standards and traditions as those of the original judges. In recent years there has been a noticeable obsession with seating judges who are of the correct background, by politically correct standards. Ethnicity and ”gender” seem to be one of the most important criteria, rather than academic/scholarly standards as well as the appropriate personal characteristics.

The need for the standards of the office or position to be rigorous, and to be carefully preserved down the years, rather than relaxed or disregarded as ‘outdated’ or ‘old-fashioned’ is more important than our careless, lackadaisical society likes it to be. Yet today it is in fashion for younger people to blame their elders (specifically, Boomers) for everything that is wrong with the world, but many people of all ages have contributed to the general decline of institutions, not just one generation. No matter how sound an institution is at its beginnings, it has to be maintained and preserved, not falling prey to societal fads and passing trends. Political correctness has swept all before it, becoming a dominant force against which we have little resistance. The educational system is a shambles and a failure.

It seems, too, that because of different attitudes in today’s world, as contrasted to the world of a century ago, or even just half a century, there is more of a psychology-centered worldview. It is based on some less-than-sound and very subjective beliefs about life and human nature, and it has led to a certain amount of the deterioration we see in all our institutions. That worldview has colored the thinking of almost everyone, even replacing, for many, the older Christian ideas and ideals. There is more of a concern with being ‘nice’ than being good or moral, let along righteous.

This has all led to a sort of weakness on the part of those who live by that set of ideas; to try to sum it up briefly, I’d say that it seems as if the good people always lose because they have passively accepted the idea that while the well-intentioned people try to be ‘nice’ and to play fair, they are too obsequious to oppose what is wrong. The ‘bad guys’ always seem to win because they have few scruples, and few standards to deter them from doing wrong. I am not advocating for adopting the attitudes or actions of the conscience-free people, but to stop focusing on ‘niceness’ when niceness means being supine and being timid about taking a stand for what is good and right.

Do read the linked blog piece; it’s worthwhile.

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