When the moon is in the seventh…

I find it interesting and somewhat dismaying to note how many people believe or half-believe in the power of astrology to influence human lives or ”the universe” generally. I’m referring, of course, to that rare conjunction of several planets yesterday.

It’s visually fascinating; I’ve been interested in astronomy (which is not the same as astrology) since I was a kid. I like to observe these things; they are impressive and sometimes beautiful. As a Christian I marvel at God’s creation. But I think it’s a step backward for people today to turn to a sort of superstitious attitude towards the planets and stars, to credit distant celestial bodies with ‘governing’ our lives and fortunes. But then lots of people today (I’ve encountered a few) actually pray to “The Universe” in the belief that “The Universe” is a divine personification who can answer prayers and heal people of illnesses — in other words, the “Universe” is the successor to the living God in their minds.

Isn’t it also interesting how if the Lefties have any religion other than Self and Power, they are likely to believe in “primitive’ religions or New Agey things like The Universe as a divine being who wants you to have everything you ask for. Sadly though, I know leftists who belong to liberal churches, who can’t see the inherent contradictions between their leftist politics of power and real Christianity.

If you are a praying sort, it seems prayer is sorely needed now as it seems our situation gets more complicated by the day, with things looking darker; this is very much the case when I read the news and commentary online; a recent discussion on /pol really makes it look as though everyone on the right has given up on Trump, though I don’t think that consensus necessarily applies to the real people out there in the country.

I hope not. I am thankful our colonial forefathers didn’t give up so easily — though it’s said that only about one-third of them were committed to win our Independence — and to take a part in it, not just from the sidelines.

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