Relevant quotes

I may have posted these quotes, or some of them, previously. They do seem very relevant right now.

“The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections.”
— Lord Acton

“Democracy is the rule of mobs, tempted by newspaper editors” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The acceptance of democracy by all European nations is deadly for the proper governorship, freedom, law, order, respect of authority and religion, and at the end will lead to chaos, out of which will appear the worldwide tyranny” – The Duke of Northumberland, in a booklet called ‘The History of World Revolution‘, 1931

I suppose we all know these things, whether we consciously think about them or not. I think most of us never thought we would be in the situation in which we currently find ourselves.

Most Americans believe what we were taught in school: that we live in a democracy, which is absolutely the best and freest form of government — theoretically. But we were also taught, at least by high school, that our governmental system is republican; we live in a republic, not a democracy. And it’s duly noted in most history books that some of the greatest philosophers of centuries ago warned of the flaws in a ‘democracy’ yet most Americans continue to praise democracy as our greatest asset as a nation.

Yet here we are, wondering who is to be ‘elected’ president, and the choice is stark.

We, as a people, learned all the stories about our Founding Fathers and our Presidents: Washington and his little hatchet and the cherry tree, Lincoln and his log cabin childhood, etc. But we should have been taught more, as we grew up, about how our government works, and how it ideally should work. But nothing is ever ideal or perfect, or even optimal, human nature being what it is.

How did the corruption ever reach such a staggering level? Why did nobody seem to want to clean things up long ago, before the dishonesty and the resulting edifice of lies grew to such proportions?

The one aspect of all this that still stuns me is how our foes are able to continue with their blatant denial of obvious reality all this time? Surely it’s at pathological levels, this insistence that right is wrong, true is false, up is down — because they want it to be so, facts notwithstanding. They want us to become unstrung and they want us to parrot their lies.

Thomas Jefferson famously wrote that ‘the will of the majority must always prevail‘ under our system of government. The opposition proclaims that the ‘winner’ of the election can be the person with the fewest votes. Since when has a ‘winner’ ever been the one who comes in dead last, or the guy who brazenly cheats?

The opposition seem to be desperate to win at any cost. But if they ‘win’ our whole system will be finished, and we will have to conform to the lie-based narrative. If that is what awaits us, we can no longer be who we are, or who we were meant to be.

I hope that the majority of us will not submit to this sham ‘election’ and I sincerely hope that our opponents will return to reality instead of the warped parallel universe they seem to be inhabiting.

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