Privacy, possessions, who needs ’em?

I’ve noticed that there is very little discussion in the media of the plan which is being called the Reset. There has been publicity about it from the planners, the World Economic Forum.

If you read what they have to say about the plan for the future, there are references to a better way of life, a better form of capitalism, and so on; it’s presented as a whole new way of living, a better way.. I am broadly paraphrasing; I suggest seeking out the literature about this plan; it’s always best to go to the source.

One of the claims they make is that in the (near) future, by 2030 or so, we will all ‘have nothing and be happy‘. It sounds, based on several pieces I’ve read about this, as if private property will no longer exist, nor will privacy be considered necessary. Nor will it be possible to have privacy in a ‘Panopticon’ surveillance type of society. Other information I’ve seen says that we will all share things communally, including living space (which should be very scarce, by the sound of things) and clothing. Apparently we will have to inhabit our living spaces in shifts, and it sounds very much like an impersonal arrangement, probably decided by some committee or bureaucrat, with no recognition of family units. I suppose there is bound to be some kind of ”diversity” requirement so that we will all be thrown into the blender. As some information suggests that we might all be urban dwellers, rural homes being abandoned (how dare anyone take up so much space!).

Probably lifelong urbanites might find this lifestyle just fine. Too bad for the rest of us.

Shades of the old USSR wherein lots of people lived shoehorned into small apartments — but at least there were family units there, crowded or not.

This plan is being written about by the planners as a settled matter; this is to be the future if they get to decide.

I saw that Time Magazine, if I remember correctly wrote about this ‘reset’ favorably, with detailed ”debunking” of the ‘conspiracy theories’ as they call them. In that article some of the features I allude to here were ‘debunked’. I noticed the writers used the term ”baseless” a lot; that’s their new favorite word, it seems. People (probably people like me) are said to be spreading ”baseless’ rumors and falsehoods and probably “conspiracy theories” about this globalist effort. Bad!

We’ve seen how anything that does not fit the rote narrative is hissed at as a ”conspiracy theory.” I suppose if name-calling and accusing and silencing works for them, they stick to it and use it more and more, as they are doing.

This stuff has been tried before: at Babel, for a start, and that didn’t work out too well. More recently it was tried in the now-defunct Soviet Union. I met many people here who had fled that Utopia.

Plans made without regard to the human beings involved, and imposed from on high are not known for succeeding.

But it will work this time — right? As long as we silently acquiesce, this may become reality.

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