Where do we go from here?

I really haven’t known what to say about the election; the best I can do is to say that I agree very much with the blogger Luboš Motl at the Reference Frame. His post expresses about the same level of disgust that I feel about what is going on.

Whenever I think the Left have outdone themselves in dishonesty and amorality, they have ‘achieved’ some new and unprecedented grade of evil. These are soulless people, who lack common decency, completely bereft of morals and conscience.

I suppose I never thought that the scoundrels could be so shameless as to pull another brazen act before the eyes of the whole world.

It may be that there is something which, if revealed, could open the eyes of the blind, brainwashed masses but I wonder if anybody still believes that there is something that could miraculously turn this thing around, but we’ve had our hopes raised too often, only to see them crushed once again. And I honestly don’t know why Trump has not acted so far, given that his people say they “have it all” — but for some bizarre reason, refrain from using what they ‘have’.

It’s troubling to ponder that there is so very much at stake here, while a lot of Americans seem apathetic about the dire prospects we may be facing; I still think the normalcy bias is keeping a lot of Americans passive: they think it won’t be so bad under the coming administration. It appears that foreign observers see more clearly that things will not be the same; America is no longer America.

If only more people on the right would get serious about this and not brush it off as just another election, another administration.

The GOPe have not only failed to act appropriately but they’ve actively opposed and sabotaged Trump at every turn, each and every day for years. They are just ruthlessly evil, and the Republicans are as bad as the far-left. I will never vote Republican again, and I don’t say that lightly. It seems politics in this country has been thoroughly corrupt, from the inside out, and it cannot be restored, not with this present cast of characters.

And one more thing: since when do we not adhere to any standards for those who run for high office in this country? We used to have requirements and standards; do we now let people implicated in spying, influence-peddling, personal immorality, occupy the highest office in the land? If someone had told me even ten years ago that we would lower our standards so drastically, and that our country would go communist so abruptly I would not have believed it.

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