Yesterday’s events

I think all of us with a functioning brain and eyes to see knew it was going to happen. Especially after years of nonstop gaslighting and goading. And I think everyone knew that as the left does these things, they project their own impulses onto us, and immediately point a finger of accusation or outright blame on us for anything bad that happens.

And that’s exactly what they did, and are doing. I expect this will go on and in fact intensify.

I don’t know what President Trump is doing, but as he promised he would never give up or quit, (which most of his followers believed fervently) I think it’s been a huge letdown for many people. I was very cautious in taking his words as gospel simply because he made lots of promises on which he did not deliver. Despite that, I would far rather he won, than to see what many people are calling ‘the death of our Republic‘ or ‘the end of America.’ I don’t think that phrase is hyperbole. America cannot be herself in our present situation; it’s only a hollow imitation, or, an ‘evil twin’ if you will.

Change the people, change the country” was always my refrain during my early years of blogging. So the people of this country changed, or were changed; both kinds of changes happened. With the changing of the generational guard, we have a different population in the later generations, 30 percent of whom, according to polls, think Communism is a good thing, and that number has risen since the previous poll. So generational changes and immigration, among other things, have changed us. “We” are decidedly not the same people or the same kind of people as those who founded this country. So is there even a ”we” constituting America?

Do we have enough in common even to unite as a coherent nation?

I would like to think it possible if only for the purpose of preserving this country. Now does that make me a so-called “patriotard”? I dislike that word; I dislike how what should be a favorable name for one who loves his home country is now a sneer and a taunt directed at people who are attached to this country or who are actually proud (in the good way) of that.

Call me a ‘patriotard’ because I grew up here. My kin have more than four centuries of history and roots here. When I was younger I typically considered other countries superior to this one — until I spent some time abroad, in a country I thought I would prefer — but then I began to see how my country suited me in many ways; for good or bad, I was thoroughly American in my ways, and belonged here rather than any other country I had known.

I think that some of those who constantly disparage this country need to spend a good long time elsewhere and see if they feel happier elsewhere. I suspect many of the malcontents would still be unhappy and would find fault in the best of countries. There is no Utopia. Leftists notoriously imagine that they can forcibly perfect human nature via authoritarian rule, and thus make an ideal society if they keep people under their heel. But it has never worked, and never will. No perfect country can exist in this fallen world. Now, sadly, it seems that our once liveable and relatively happy country is to be a failed banana republic, and who knows how long ‘they’ will let us speak our minds or write the truth or live as free people. Those days may be gone.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring? I don’t counsel despair, but neither am I a blithe pollyanna. Pessimism results in self-fulfilling prophecies.

One more thing: I am appalled by the establishment Republicans who have sold out just as the Left has done. They’ve shown that their loyalties are ultimately to no one but themselves. And their self-righteous tsk-tsking about the Capitol business is so hypocritical; what did they say when antifa and others were running rampant around this country? Did they speak up? Where were their moral qualms then?

And for all the public figures and pontificating politicians having the vapors about ‘violence’, again, where were they when the cities were aflame and people were under attack? Pharisees and hypocrites.

And is Gandhi now the father of our country? Apparently so, as lots of people are suddenly pacifists who ‘condemn violence’, saying that it ‘cannot solve anything‘ — what would our forefathers say about that? They would never have survived the first Indian raid had they been pacifists who disdained even self-defense. I wish these pious phonies would stop and think: would they even refuse to defend themselves and loved ones?

I am not prescribing violence. Not at all, But:

“Self-defence, therefore, as it is justly called the primary law of nature, so it is not, neither can it be in fact, taken away by the law of society.”

Ordain and

Yet it seems all of us are being conditioned to give up our rights. It is not unlawful or immoral to defend oneself. Tucker Carlson et al seem to be preaching this Gandhi-like thought. One wonders how many more pundits and public figures are compromised in what they are ‘teaching’ us. Discernment is more necessary than ever.

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