Too quick to place blame

Who is to blame in the controversial situation at the Capitol? I don’t know what impression others have of the events there in this past week but there seem to be many people who are blaming Donald Trump and the ‘rioters’.

The condemnations often center around this issue of ”violence” perpetrated by the pro-Trump activists who are now officially labeled as ‘domestic terrorists’ by the Powers That Be. And the compliant and clueless Republicans, obediently taking their cues from the media, merely parrot what the media say, which means that they implicitly accept that the Trump followers committed violence, and rioted.

Are the media ‘professionals’ unfamiliar with the English language? Do they know what ‘riot’ means, or what a rioter is? Maybe they should search for some information on the events of last summer in Portland, Seattle, or even Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Those cities experienced riots, real ones This is not what happened in D.C.this past week. The media called those Antifa riots ”mostly peaceful protests’, refusing to acknowledge reality, just as they continue to do in the face of a lot of property destruction and chaos, not to mention the harm done to human beings, both physical and emotional.

We know the media will always insist that reality is 180 degrees off, the opposite of where the real truth is. Most of us know this, but for whatever reason, such as plain old wishful thinking or self-delusion, some of us insist on closing our eyes and minds to the truth. The first truth is: ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore’ and the second is that everything we’re told by ‘officials’ and media is wrong and false.

The ‘riots’ they are still condemning fell far short of what a real riot is. And the people who came to D.C. to protest are not extremists, not dangerous. Why, then, are so many ‘right-wing’ Americans ready to condemn them?

It seems they are kin to the people we used to call the ‘Respectables’, who are afraid of looking bad to someone. They are usually the preening Republicans who imagine that they set the standard of propriety. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to present a good image to others but there is such a thing as being too image-conscious and wanting the good opinion of others above everything else. Politicians and their image-obsession are an example of this, but ordinary people seek approval. So they are quick to condemn the protesters and to disavow “violence”.

But if someone is attacked physically, and the person or persons who are being attacked refrain from defending themselves (because ”violence never solves anything”) they may find that their high-flown ‘principles’ cause them to be hurt by an aggressive person who has no such principles. And what if members of one’s family are attacked?

The left used to make a pretense of opposing violence. For example they always condemned gun owners and disparaged the Second Amendment, as well as inveighing against war. However now that they finally gained power and control, suddenly their pacifist principles are gone with the wind. So they are OK with violence, while suddenly Republicans don’t want any part of fighting, even simply fighting for truth, for what is right.

Some of those who profess Christianity forget the words in Ecclesiastes: “a time for war, a time for peace…a time for love, a time for hate…” Yes, your Bible says that, as does mine. And what about David in Ps 144:1?

Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

Romans 12:18 (KJV) If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”

Please note the qualifying phrase “If it be possible.” IF. Sometimes it is not possible. What then?

The Bible does not teach pacifism.
Neither does it teach violence outside of self-defense.

It looks as though the people who worry about their public image, and who disavow any ‘aggressive’ behavior, want mostly to show off their liberal, nice ideals. It is for show, just as with the Pharisee showing off his piety.

We don’t know what will happen next; it’s not going to be easy making our way through this unknown situation. But it certainly won’t help us to follow the example of the media shills and manipulators. And this is not a time to be at odds with our own kin. The quickness to condemn our own is not a good thing for us.

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